James Nisbet Commentary - Ephesians

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James Nisbet Commentary - Ephesians

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Verse Commentaries:

Eph_1:3 (r.v.)            The Heavenly Places

Eph_1:7                    Grace in Relation to the Atonement

Eph_1:22-23      The Church

Eph_2:2  Satan and His Work

Eph_2:8-10       God’s Workmanship

Eph_2:19         Life Realised in Fellowship

Eph_3:8  St. Paul’s Humility

Eph_3:17         Love Based on Knowledge

Eph_3:19         The Love of Christ

Eph_3:19         Love a Living Power

Eph_4:1  Vocation

Eph_4:3  Christian Unity

Eph_4:4-6 (r.v.)         The Appeal for Unity

Eph_4:30         An Apostolic Injunction

Eph_5:1-2        The Highest Dignity of Man

Eph_5:16         Redeeming the Time

Eph_5:25         An Everyday Exhortation

Eph_6:4  Parental Obligation

Eph_6:13         Ready for Service