James Nisbet Commentary - Exodus

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James Nisbet Commentary - Exodus

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Exo_1:12                  Growth under the Knife

Exo_2:9           Home Training

Exo_3:5  Reverence

Exo_4:1  Slow to Obey

Exo_5:1  Let my People Go!

Exo_5:22         The Unfailing Resource

Exo_6:3  The Great Name

Exo_7:6  Authority and Obedience

Exo_7:14         The Hardened Tyrant

Exo_8:1  Let my People go!

Exo_8:22         I am the Lord!

Exo_9:29         The Earth is the Lord’s

Exo_10:16        An Insincere Confession

Exo_11:7         Wherein the Difference?

Exo_12:2         A New Start

Exo_12:22-23     The Sprinkled Doorposts

Exo_12:43        The Passover

Exo_13:14-17     What is This?

Exo_13:18        A Roundabout Way

Exo_14:13        The Lord’s Salvation

Exo_14:20        Darkness and Light

Exo_15:3         The Divine Warrior

Exo_15:25        Bitter Waters Sweetened

Exo_16:15        Bread from Heaven

Exo_17:3         Murmurers

Exo_17:10        Co-workers with God

Exo_18:17-18     Too Heavy a Burden

Exo_19:5         God’s Peculiar Treasure

Exo_20:1         The Ten Words

Exo_20:3         The Only God

Exo_20:4         No Graven Image

Exo_20:7         The Holy Name

Exo_20:8         The Day of Rest and Worship

Exo_20:12        Reverence for Parents

Exo_21:5         The Prevailing Motive

Exo_22:23; Exo_22:28; Exo_22:31  Sundry Laws for Israel

Exo_23:14        Three Times a Year

Exo_24:18        With God for Forty Days

Exo_25:22        The Tent of Meeting

Exo_28:2         Priestly Robes

Exo_28:36        The Priestly Mitre

Exo_29:42        A Continual Burnt-Offering

Exo_30:6-10      The Altar of Incense

Exo_31:12-13     Sabbath-keeping

Exo_32:1         Substitutes for God

Exo_32:24        Shirking Responsibility

Exo_33:2         The Guiding Angel

Exo_33:14        A New Year’s Promise

Exo_33:18        The Divine Glory

Exo_34:10        The Renewed Covenant

Exo_34:24        Religion No Loss

Exo_34:29        Moses’ Transfiguration

Exo_35:29        Cheerful Givers

Exo_36:1         Consecrated Art

Exo_39:32        ‘Finis Coronat Opus’

Exo_40:17        The Tent of Meeting

Exo_40:35        When the Glory Came