James Nisbet Commentary - Ezekiel

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James Nisbet Commentary - Ezekiel

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Verse Commentaries:

Eze_1:5  The Cherubim

Eze_1:20-21      The Wheels of Life

Eze_1:24-25      Listening to God in the Silence

Eze_2:3  A Prophet’s Call

Eze_2:7  Men’s Treatment of God’s Word

Eze_2:7-8        ‘Receiving and Uttering the Divine Message’

Eze_3:7  Ezekiel’s Ministry and Ours

Eze_3:12         ‘Ad Majorem Gloriam Dei’

Eze_8:12         Secret Sins

Eze_9:4  Marked Men!

Eze_11:16        ‘A Sanctuary for a Little While’

Eze_11:16        The Lord’s Day

Eze_11:19        A Blessed Exchange

Eze_12:25        The Lord is not Slack

Eze_12:28        ‘The Proverb’ and ‘the Saying’

Eze_13:2         False Prophets

Eze_14:3         Insincere Prayers

Eze_14:14        The Personal Character of Religion

Eze_16:60-61     God’s Covenant: Israel’s Ways

Eze_18:4         The Cure for Fatalism

Eze_18:20        Personal Responsibility

Eze_20:12        My Sabbaths

Eze_20:32-33     The Isolation of Privilege

Eze_22:30        Not a Man to be Found!

Eze_24:18        The Tearless Sorrow

Eze_26:4         The Doom of Tyre

Eze_27:2         The Dirge of Tyre

Eze_28:9         The Doom of Pride

Eze_31:18        The Doom of Egypt

Eze_32:16        The Dirge of Egypt

Eze_33:1-11      ‘Watching for Souls’

Eze_33:11        Why will ye Die?

Eze_33:32-33     Hearers, but not Doers

Eze_34:8         Careless Shepherds

Eze_34:31        The Stray Sheep

Eze_34:31        The Flock of God’s Pasture

Eze_36:22        All of Grace

Eze_36:26        A New Heart

Eze_37:3         Can these Bones Live?

Eze_37:9         The Breath of Life

Eze_37:22        A Reunited Israel

Eze_47:1-11      The River of Life

Eze_47:1-11      Ezekiel’s Vision