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James Nisbet Commentary - Hebrews

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Verse Commentaries:

Heb_1:1-2        The Revelation in Jesus Christ

Heb_1:1-2        God Speaking in His Son

Heb_1:5  The Father and the Son

Heb_1:6  Divine Worship

Heb_1:6  Our Debt to God

Heb_1:12         The Unchangeableness of God

Heb_1:14         The Ministry of Angels

Heb_1:14         The Angels as a Means of Grace

Heb_2:1 (r.v.)   Drifting

Heb_2:3  The Sin of Sins

Heb_2:3  An Unanswered Question

Heb_2:9  The Saviour’s Crown

Heb_2:9  The Vision of Faith

Heb_2:9-10       The Victory of Suffering

Heb_2:15         The Fear of Death

Heb_2:15         Deliverance from Bondage

Heb_2:18         The Sympathy of Christ

Heb_2:18         The Help of Christ

Heb_3:1-2        Alpha and Omega

Heb_3:1-6        Christ and Moses

Heb_4:3  The Promised Rest

Heb_4:11         Labour to Rest

Heb_4:14-16      Our High Priest in Heaven

Heb_4:15         Christianity Better than Judaism

Heb_4:16         The Throne of Grace

Heb_5:7-9        In the Days of His Flesh

Heb_5:8  Learning Obedience

Heb_5:8  The Way to Glory

Heb_6:1  Character Building

Heb_6:1-2        Fundamental Christianity

Heb_6:2  Baptism and Confirmation

Heb_6:2  Holy Communion

Heb_6:2  Eternal Judgment

Heb_6:9  Things that Accompany Salvation

Heb_6:9  Salvation and Fellowship

Heb_6:19         Anchored

Heb_7:2  King of Righteousness

Heb_7:2  King of Peace

Heb_7:8  Evidential Value of the Eucharist

Heb_7:16         Things which never Die

Heb_7:17         A Priest for ever

Heb_7:21-22      The Priesthood and the Oath

Heb_7:25         Salvation

Heb_8:1  Christian Priesthood

Heb_8:5  The Pattern in the Mount

Heb_9:4  The Symbolism of Aaron’s Rod

Heb_9:13-14      The Atonement

Heb_9:13-14      The Offering of Christ

Heb_9:14         Christ’s Death as a Sacrifice

Heb_9:15-22      Mediation and Atonement

Heb_9:26         The Cross

Heb_9:27         The Universal Sentence

Heb_10:7         The Advent and the Presence

Heb_10:10 (r.v.)         Atonement through the Cross

Heb_10:12-13     Christ’s Expectation

Heb_10:19-22     Access into the Holiest

Heb_10:19-22     An Exhortation to Prayer

Heb_10:22        Essentials of True Prayer

Heb_10:22-23     Conditions of Access

Heb_10:23-25     Duties in View of Judgment

Heb_10:23-25     Results of Prayer

Heb_10:26-31     ‘If we sin wilfully ——’

Heb_10:32        The Blessing of Remembrance

Heb_10:36        Patience and Hope

Heb_10:38-39     Faithful Continuance

Heb_11:1         Progress in Religious Conviction

Heb_11:6         The Importance of Faith

Heb_11:16        A Prepared City

Heb_11:38        Saints of God

Heb_11:38        Saints in the World

Heb_11:38        The Strength of the Saints

Heb_12:1-2       Spiritual Environment

Heb_12:1-2       Work for God

Heb_12:2         Joy in Grief

Heb_12:4-6       The Divine Discipline of Life

Heb_12:6         Sin and its Punishment

Heb_12:9         Discipline and Life

Heb_12:14        Holiness of Life

Heb_12:15-16     Profanity

Heb_12:16        The Warning from Esau

Heb_12:16        The Birthright Sold

Heb_12:17        Afterward

Heb_12:22-25     Our Place

Heb_13:1         An Apostolic Exhortation

Heb_13:5         Christian Contentment

Heb_13:5         The Never-failing Presence

Heb_13:5         The Divine Presence

Heb_13:8         Always the Same

Heb_13:8         The Changeless Christ

Heb_13:8         The Vitality of Christianity

Heb_13:14        The Position of Christians in the World

Heb_13:15        Praise

Heb_13:16        God’s Requirements

Heb_13:16        Sacrifice: the Old and the New

Heb_13:20-21     The Right Aim in Life

Heb_13:20-21     The Great Shepherd