James Nisbet Commentary - Hosea

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James Nisbet Commentary - Hosea

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Hos_2:15         The Valley of Achor

Hos_2:15         Hope in Trouble

Hos_2:15         Vineyards in the Wilderness

Hos_4:1  A Terrible Indictment

Hos_4:6  Hindrances to Knowledge

Hos_5:13         ‘Physicians of no value’

Hos_5:15         The Confession of Sin

Hos_6:3  ‘Following On’

Hos_7:8  The Unturned Cake

Hos_7:9  Unconscious Degeneration

Hos_8:5  Calf-Religion

Hos_9:7  Enthusiasts!

Hos_10:13        ‘Fruit which is Deadly’

Hos_11:4         The Bands of Love

Hos_13:7         The Judgment of God’s Anger

Hos_13:14        The Conqueror of Death

Hos_14:1         Come Back! Come Back!

Hos_14:2         Christian Sacrifices

Hos_14:3         The Orphan’s God

Hos_14:4         Backsliding and its Cure

Hos_14:5-7       ‘I will be as the Dew unto Israel’

Hos_14:8         Ephraim Forsaking Idols

Hos_14:9         The Ways of God Justified

Hos_14:9         The Moral of Hosea’s Prophecies