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James Nisbet Commentary - James

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Verse Commentaries:

Jam_1:5  The Gift of Wisdom

Jam_1:5  The Wisdom of God

Jam_1:6  The Waverer

Jam_1:15         Consequences of Sin

Jam_1:17         The Gifts of God

Jam_1:17         Good and Perfect

Jam_1:17         The Source of All Blessing

Jam_1:18         The Power of the Pulpit

Jam_1:19         A Rule of Christian Caution

Jam_1:21         Spiritual Grafting

Jam_1:21         Union with Christ

Jam_1:22 (r.v.)  Egoism and Altruism

Jam_1:25         A Doer of the Work

Jam_1:25         The Doer’s Reward

Jam_1:27         Pure Religion

Jam_1:27         Pure Worship

Jam_1:27         The Christian in the World

Jam_1:27         The Allurements of the World

Jam_2:12         Law and Liberty

Jam_2:14; Jam_2:26       Faith and Works

Jam_3:4  Christian Ability

Jam_3:4  Little Things

Jam_3:5  Guarding our Words

Jam_3:6  The Evil Tongue

Jam_3:17         Marks of True Wisdom

Jam_4:7  The Combat with Evil

Jam_4:14         The Shortness of Life

Jam_4:14         Low Views of Life

Jam_4:14         The Greatness of Life

Jam_4:14         The Religious View of Life

Jam_4:17         Sinful Neglect

Jam_5:7-8        The Lesson of Patience

Jam_5:7-8        Are Missions a Failure?

Jam_5:11         Human Suffering and Divine Pity

Jam_5:16         Intercessory Prayer

Jam_5:16         Prayer and Life

Jam_5:16         The Righteous Man’s Prayer

Jam_5:19-20      Human Agency in the Sinner’s Conversion to God