James Nisbet Commentary - Job

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James Nisbet Commentary - Job

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Verse Commentaries:

Job_1:1  The Book of Job

Job_2:7; Job_2:9; Job_2:11       Job’s Two Foes and Three Friends

Job_3:17         The Better World

Job_4:15         A Spectral Visitor

Job_5:8-9        Things Unsearchable

Job_6:1  A Tortured Heart

Job_7:9  A Vapour that Vanisheth Away

Job_9:30-31      Universal Depravity

Job_10:2         Remonstrance with God

Job_11:17        The Bright Side of Growing Older

Job_12:11        A Discerning Ear

Job_13:15        The Valley of the Shadow

Job_14:1         Days Few and Evil

Job_16:22        Our Last Journey

Job_17:9         ‘Still there’s more to follow’

Job_19:25        My Living Redeemer

Job_19:28        The Root of the Matter

Job_21:2         ‘Audi Alteram Partem’

Job_22:21        Spiritual Acquaintance

Job_23:10        He Knoweth My Way!

Job_24:6         Successful Sin

Job_25:2         Peace on Earth a Gift from Heaven

Job_26:14        The Majesty of God

Job_27:18        The Destroyer Destroyed

Job_28:1         A Brilliant Chapter

Job_29:2         The Province of Feeling in Religious Experience

Job_30:23        The House Appointed for All Living

Job_31:16; Job_31:22     A Daring Appeal

Job_32:10        A New Disputant

Job_38:2; Job_38:4       Finite Creature v. Infinite Creator

Job_39:1; Job_39:17      Creature and Creator

Job_40:1         The Divine Answer

Job_41:25        An Awe-inspiring Object

Job_42:5-6       The Mystery of Pain