James Nisbet Commentary - John 13:25 - 13:25

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James Nisbet Commentary - John 13:25 - 13:25

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‘He then lying on Jesus’ breast saith unto Him, Lord, who is it?


I. We are brought near to our Lord not for our own sake alone, but for the help of others. (See 2Co_1:6.) We must not be selfish in matters of religion. Meum and tuum are not Christian words; Pater Noster is the Christian prayer. All that we ask, or desire for ourselves, we must desire for others likewise.

II. Nor must we think only of those who happen to be near to us, by natural kinship, or liking. These must be as specimens for all who are in similar circumstances of need, or temptation, etc. We must learn to regard others from our Lord’s point of view. Like John leaning on our Lord’s bosom, to love all whom He loves, and to love them with His love. Think of the interests that are dear to Him, and gain a zeal for missions, for the conversion of sinners, for the perfecting of the faithful, for the reunion of Christendom.

III. Thus shall we overcome any feeling of indifference or want of charity towards others. Kneeling in spirit by their side in prayer as fellow-suppliants and fellow-penitents we shall be drawn together.

Bishop A. C. A. Hall.


‘The Greek words here would be more literally rendered, “He having fallen upon.” It is so translated in eleven out of twelve other places where it occurs in the New Testament. The idea is evidently of one moving and leaning towards another, so as to get closer to him and whisper a question, without being heard or observed. That this is what John did is evident. It is plain that he did not say out aloud, “Lord, who is it?” ’