James Nisbet Commentary - Joshua

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James Nisbet Commentary - Joshua

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Verse Commentaries:

Jos_1:9  Lion-hearted

Jos_2:1  A Notable Woman

Jos_3:8  Jordan’s Brink

Jos_4:9; Jos_4:20        Memorial Stones

Jos_5:13         The Captain of the Lord’s Host

Jos_5:13         For or Against?

Jos_6:2  The Taking of Jericho

Jos_7:25         The Troubler of Israel

Jos_9:22         Guileful Gibeonites

Jos_10:14        A Wonderful Day!

Jos_21:44        Rest at Last!

Jos_22:25        One though Divided

Jos_23:1         A Brave Soldier

Jos_23:11-15     ‘Take Good Heed’

Jos_23:14        Not one good thing hath failed us

Jos_24:15        A Decision to Make

Jos_24:15        A Decision Made