James Nisbet Commentary - Lamentations

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James Nisbet Commentary - Lamentations

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Verse Commentaries:

Lam_1:12         The Unheeded Sorrows of Jesus

Lam_1:12         Sorrow Unparalleled

Lam_1:12         The Sorrow of Jesus Considered

Lam_2:14         Prophesiers of Smooth Things

Lam_3:19; Lam_3:22       Shadow and Sunshine

Lam_3:22-23      ‘New Every Morning’

Lam_3:24         The Best Portion

Lam_3:26         Hope and Patience

Lam_3:38-40      Through Repentance to Faith

Lam_4:7  The Nazarites

Lam_4:20         A Disappointed Hope