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James Nisbet Commentary - Luke

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Verse Commentaries:

Luk_1:10                  The Church’s Power

Luk_1:17                  A Prepared People

Luk_1:20         Dumb, Because of Unbelief

Luk_1:26; Luk_1:28       Highly favoured of the Lord

Luk_1:30-31      The Promised Son

Luk_1:30-31      A New Power

Luk_1:32         In Confirmation of Faith

Luk_1:33         And Endless Kingdom

Luk_1:35, r.v.   The Virgin Birth

Luk_1:35, r.v.   The Incarnation and Brotherhood

Luk_1:38         Woman’s True Avocation

Luk_1:46-55      The Song of the Virgin

Luk_1:70         Modern Prophets

Luk_1:74-75      Deliverance and Service

Luk_1:76         The Prophet of the Highest

Luk_1:79         The Way of Peace

Luk_1:80         The Virtues of Asceticism

Luk_2:7  No Room!

Luk_2:7  Crowded Out

Luk_2:8-9, r.v.  The Angelic Vision

Luk_2:11         The Birthday of Christ

Luk_2:10-11      The Unseen from Heaven

Luk_2:13         The Christmas Song

Luk_2:14         Pleas for Peace

Luk_2:14         A Religion of Peace

Luk_2:15         The Turning Point in the World’s History

Luk_2:16         The Holy Family

Luk_2:16         The Shepherds’ Visit

Luk_2:18-20      Christmas Thoughts and Feelings

Luk_2:21         The Name Above every Name

Luk_2:22         The Purification and the Presentation

Luk_2:22         Fulfilling the Law

Luk_2:25         ‘The Consolation of Israel’

Luk_2:32         Walking in the Light

Luk_2:34         Falling or Rising

Luk_2:42-51      The Temple and the Home

Luk_2:46         Christ Lost and Found

Luk_2:46         The Boyhood of Christ

Luk_2:49         A Divine Necessity

Luk_2:49         A Condition of Life

Luk_2:49         The Purpose of Life

Luk_2:51-52      At Nazareth

Luk_2:52         Increasing in Wisdom

Luk_3:1-2        The Word of God

Luk_3:3  The Baptist’s Message

Luk_3:4-6        Earnestness in Religion

Luk_3:10         ‘What shall we do?’

Luk_3:15-16      A Mightier than John

Luk_3:19-20      A Sharp Contrast

Luk_3:21-22      The First Calvary

Luk_4:1-2        Christ in the Wilderness

Luk_4:1-2        The Conflict

Luk_4:2-4        Tempted through the Body

Luk_4:7  Tempted through the World

Luk_4:9-12       Tempted through Presumption

Luk_4:21         Prophecy Fulfilled

Luk_4:21         Divine Enduement

Luk_4:24-27      Faith and Grace

Luk_4:32         The Power Behind

Luk_5:1  On Hearing Sermons

Luk_5:1  The Modern Sermon

Luk_5:1  Concentrative Christianity

Luk_5:3  Christ’s Work in the World

Luk_5:4  Launch Out!

Luk_5:4  Christ and Christ’s World

Luk_5:5  ‘At Thy Word’

Luk_5:5  ‘Nevertheless’

Luk_5:8  God and Ourselves

Luk_5:8  Conviction of Sin

Luk_5:10         The Function and Significance of Miracle

Luk_5:10         Fishers of Men

Luk_5:10         The Minister’s Calling

Luk_5:16         Spiritual Solitude

Luk_5:32         Christ’s Call

Luk_5:39         The Excellence of the Liturgy

Luk_6:12         The Praying Christ

Luk_6:26         The Dangers of Popularity

Luk_6:36-42      Divine Precepts

Luk_6:36         Mercy

Luk_6:36         Mercy—Its Scope and Quality

Luk_6:38         Judgment

Luk_6:38         Reciprocity

Luk_6:40         Like unto the Master

Luk_6:40         The Finished Christian

Luk_6:42         The Sin of Hypocrisy

Luk_7:4-9        Three Estimates of Character

Luk_7:11         The Prince of Life

Luk_7:12         Life from the Dead

Luk_7:12         The Weeping Widow

Luk_7:13         ‘Weep Not’

Luk_7:19         The Final Revelation

Luk_7:35         Children of Wisdom

Luk_7:35         Perverseness and Sympathy

Luk_7:37-38      Tears of Penitence

Luk_7:42         Nothing to Pay

Luk_7:47         The Result of Forgiveness

Luk_7:50         Christ and the Penitent

Luk_7:50         Go in Peace

Luk_8:5  The Sower and the Seed

Luk_8:5  Beneath the Surface

Luk_8:5  The Soil of the Heart

Luk_8:5-6        Sowers for the Kingdom

Luk_8:8  An Honest and Good Heart

Luk_8:10         Mysteries made Known

Luk_8:11         The Word as the Seed

Luk_8:12         Satan’s Evil Work

Luk_8:13         Roots of the Christian Life

Luk_8:14         Half-hearted Christians

Luk_8:15         Generous Soil

Luk_8:15         Be Patient

Luk_8:18         Take Heed!

Luk_8:24         Christ and the Elements

Luk_8:25         Faith and its Evidences

Luk_8:39         Testimony at Home

Luk_8:45         The Power of a Touch

Luk_8:45         Christ the Healer

Luk_9:2-6        The Commission of the Twelve

Luk_9:13         No Power in Ourselves

Luk_9:23         The Christian Life

Luk_9:26         Grounds of Judgment

Luk_9:29         The Vision on the Mount

Luk_9:32         The Mount and the Plain

Luk_9:33         A Mistaken View

Luk_9:34         The Overshadowing Cloud

Luk_9:41         The Care of the Child

Luk_9:48-50      The Pride of the Disciples

Luk_9:51         The Fascination of the Cross

Luk_9:54         Sons of Thunder or Sons of Christ?

Luk_9:55-56      Not Destruction but Salvation

Luk_9:62         Lessons from the Plough

Luk_9:62         Spiritual Ploughmen

Luk_10:1         The Mission of the Seventy

Luk_10:5         A Cordial Salutation

Luk_10:9         Characteristics of the Message

Luk_10:18        A True Sense of Proportion

Luk_10:20        Temptations of a Useful Life

Luk_10:21        The Joy of the Lord

Luk_10:21        The Joy of the Lord’s People

Luk_10:23-24     Privileges and Responsibility

Luk_10:27        The First and Great Commandment

Luk_10:27        The Law of Life

Luk_10:28        Knowledge and Practice

Luk_10:29        Self Justification

Luk_10:29        The Development of Character

Luk_10:29        A Moral Revelation

Luk_10:30        A Picture of Brotherly Love

Luk_10:30        The Wounded Traveller

Luk_10:30        The Samaritan’s Deed

Luk_10:35        Take Care of Him

Luk_10:35        God’s Repayments

Luk_10:36-37     The Worker and the Work

Luk_10:37        Practical Christianity

Luk_10:38-42     The Two Sisters

Luk_10:38-42     True Service

Luk_11:1         A Hearty Desire to Pray

Luk_11:2         The Lord’s Prayer

Luk_11:2         What is the Lord’s Prayer?

Luk_11:2         The Hallowed Name and the Hallowed Life

Luk_11:2         God’s Empire

Luk_11:2         The Subjection of Man’s Will

Luk_11:3         Man Dependent

Luk_11:4         Sin and its Forgiveness

Luk_11:4         Temptation

Luk_11:8         The Friend at Midnight

Luk_11:8         Importunity in Prayer

Luk_11:9         Commanding Prayer

Luk_11:14        The Effect of Permitted Sin

Luk_11:21-22     The Strong Man Overcome

Luk_11:23        For or Against?

Luk_11:23        No Neutrality

Luk_11:24-25     The Human House

Luk_11:26        The Last State

Luk_11:26        The Return of the Devil

Luk_11:27-28     Hearing and Keeping God’s Word

Luk_11:27-28     The Power of the Book

Luk_11:29        Asking for a Sign

Luk_11:36        Spiritual Light

Luk_11:54        The New Liberty

Luk_12:4-5       The Fear of Hell

Luk_12:8         Confessing Christ

Luk_12:10        The Unpardonable Sin

Luk_12:15        A Man’s Life

Luk_12:15        What will you do with your Life?

Luk_12:18-20     The Rich Fool

Luk_12:18-20     The Rich Man’s Folly

Luk_12:18-20     What the Rich Man Forgot

Luk_12:32        The Ministry and the Kingdom

Luk_12:35-36     Ideals Lost and Recovered

Luk_12:35-36     Burning Lights

Luk_12:43        The Responsibility of Opportunity

Luk_12:50        Christ’s Baptism of Suffering

Luk_13:3; Luk_13:5       The Judgments of God

Luk_13:3; Luk_13:5       The Galilæans’ Warnings

Luk_13:6-9       The Spiritual Growth of Life

Luk_13:6-9       The Barren Fig Tree

Luk_13:8         One more Chance

Luk_13:11-14     The Uplifting Power of the Gospel

Luk_13:18-19     The Gospel in the World

Luk_13:20-21     The Gospel in the Heart

Luk_13:23        A Puzzling Question

Luk_13:23-24     The Puzzling Question Answered

Luk_13:23-24     The Answer of the Life

Luk_13:35        The Desolate House

Luk_14:1         Sabbath Works and Words

Luk_14:3         The Spirit of Sunday Observance

Luk_14:10        In the Lowest Room

Luk_14:10-11     Humility and its Reward

Luk_14:10-11     The Doom of Pride

Luk_14:10-11     Man’s Abasement

Luk_14:14        The General Resurrection

Luk_14:15        Eating Bread in the Kingdom

Luk_14:16        The Great Supper

Luk_14:17        The Great Invitation

Luk_14:17        The Satisfaction of the Gospel

Luk_14:17        Why Men Hesitate

Luk_14:18        Innocent Occupations

Luk_14:18        Excuses

Luk_14:22        Where and For Whom there is Room

Luk_14:22        The Largeness of God’s Love

Luk_14:23        Compelled Guests

Luk_14:28; Luk_14:30     Tower Building

Luk_14:28; Luk_14:30     The True Aim of Discipleship

Luk_14:28; Luk_14:30     Examples of Counting the Cost

Luk_14:33        The Genius of the Christian Religion

Luk_14:33        The Final Condition of Discipleship

Luk_15:2         Exclusiveness and Formality

Luk_15:2         Penitence and Communion

Luk_15:2         Christ receiveth Sinful Men

Luk_15:4         The Sheep that was Lost

Luk_15:6         The Sheep Found

Luk_15:8         The Lost Coin

Luk_15:8         The Preciousness of Each Soul

Luk_15:6-9       Lost and Found

Luk_15:10        The Doctrine of Sin

Luk_15:11        The Two Sons

Luk_15:17        The Prodigal Son

Luk_16:1-8       The Man who Acted Wisely

Luk_16:2         Called to Account

Luk_16:4         A Good Resolution

Luk_16:8         The World and the Church

Luk_16:9         Make Friends

Luk_16:14-15     God’s Ways and Men’s Ways

Luk_16:19-20     Living and Dying

Luk_16:19-20     Dives and Lazarus

Luk_16:30-31     Vain Hopes

Luk_16:30-31     The Testimony of Scripture

Luk_17:1-2       Offenders of Others

Luk_17:5         The Growth of Faith

Luk_17:10        Self-Righteousness Checked

Luk_17:12-14     The Cleansed Men

Luk_17:15-16     At the Feet of Jesus

Luk_17:17        Ingratitude

Luk_17:17        A Defect in Christian Character

Luk_17:20-21     The Coming of the Kingdom

Luk_17:20-21     Truths of the Kingdom

Luk_17:20-21     ‘Your Reasonable Service’

Luk_17:22        A Day of the Son of Man

Luk_17:26; Luk_17:28; Luk_17:30  Three Critical Days

Luk_18:1         ‘Pray, Always Pray’

Luk_18:8         Religious Unsettlement

Luk_18:8         The Decay of Faith

Luk_18:10        Like Purpose, Different Method

Luk_18:13        The Plea for Mercy

Luk_18:14        Misconceptions Removed

Luk_18:14        A Churchman’s Failure

Luk_18:16        Lessons from Children

Luk_18:19        The Young Ruler

Luk_18:31-34     The Christian Attitude towards Suffering

Luk_18:31-34     The Future

Luk_18:35        Spiritual Blindness

Luk_18:41        Seeking Sight

Luk_19:2         Zacchæus

Luk_19:6         Zacchæus and Christ

Luk_19:10        Christ’s Mission of Mercy

Luk_19:13        A Motto for Life

Luk_19:17        Faithfulness in Little Things

Luk_19:38        The Coming King

Luk_19:41        Why Jesus Wept

Luk_19:41        Christian Responsibility

Luk_19:41        The Tears of Jesus

Luk_19:41        Indifference

Luk_19:41        Woes of a Great City

Luk_19:42        The Commandingness of Christ

Luk_19:44        Times of Visitation

Luk_19:44        Is God Visiting Us?

Luk_19:45-46     Cleansing the Temple

Luk_19:46        A House of Prayer

Luk_20:8         The Sufficiency of Revelation

Luk_20:15        The Wicked Husbandmen

Luk_20:25        No Division of Allegiance

Luk_20:36        The Life of the World to Come

Luk_20:37        Burning and not Consumed

Luk_20:38        Alive unto God

Luk_21:4         Christ’s Standard of Giving

Luk_21:5-6       The Presence of Christ

Luk_21:19        Patience

Luk_21:27        The Coming of the Son of Man

Luk_21:27        Neglect not Prophecy

Luk_21:28        Redemption

Luk_21:33-34     Eternal Words

Luk_21:38        Examples of Early Services

Luk_22:2-5       Planning the Betrayal

Luk_22:15        Christ and the Passover

Luk_22:19        In Remembrance of Me

Luk_22:19        The Communion Feast

Luk_22:24        The True Way to Greatness

Luk_22:31-32     Strengthen thy Brethren

Luk_22:36        Buy a Sword

Luk_22:44        The Agony of Christ

Luk_22:61        The Saviour’s Look

Luk_23:11        Setting Jesus at Nought

Luk_23:21        Spiritual Impulses

Luk_23:21        True and False Enthusiasm

Luk_23:26        Bearing the Cross after Jesus

Luk_23:28        True Patriotism

Luk_23:33        The Green Hill far Away

Luk_23:34        The First of the Seven Words

Luk_23:34        Ignorance and Cruelty

Luk_23:34        The Unknown Sins of our Social System

Luk_23:34        Trustful, Persevering, Selfless

Luk_23:34        The Scope of the Saviour’s Prayer

Luk_23:34        Typical Words of Christ

Luk_23:42        Recognised at Last

Luk_23:43        The Second Word from the Cross

Luk_23:43        First-fruits of the Passion

Luk_23:43        The Royalty of Goodness

Luk_23:43        Divided by the Cross

Luk_23:43        The Word of Grace

Luk_23:43        The Sinner Restored

Luk_23:46        The Last Word from the Cross

Luk_23:46        The Upward Look

Luk_23:46        The Death of Christ

Luk_23:46        The Look Forward

Luk_23:46        Peace and Security

Luk_23:46        Obedient unto Death

Luk_23:46        Father!

Luk_23:48        Lessons from the Cross

Luk_23:56        Sabbath Rest

Luk_24:5-6       The Appeal of Easter

Luk_24:11        The Apostles at Home

Luk_24:15-16     The Walk to Emmaus

Luk_24:29        Abide with Us

Luk_24:32        Burning Hearts

Luk_24:32        Unrecognised Blessings

Luk_24:34        Risen Indeed

Luk_24:39        The Hands of the Risen Christ

Luk_24:46-47     The Gospel of the Cross

Luk_24:47        At Jerusalem

Luk_24:49        Spiritual Power

Luk_24:49        The Greatness of Power

Luk_24:49        Spiritual Investiture

Luk_24:49        The Mission of the Holy Ghost

Luk_24:50-51     The Ascension

Luk_24:50-51     Gifts and Graces of the Ascended Lord

Luk_24:52        To Jerusalem with Great Joy