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James Nisbet Commentary - Numbers

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Verse Commentaries:

Num_6:24-27      God’s Desire for Believers

Num_6:24-27      The Holy Trinity

Num_9:17; Num_9:19       The Guiding Cloud

Num_10:31-33     Guides—Human and Divine

Num_11:1         The Sin of Discontent

Num_11:29        The Magnanimous Leader

Num_12:1-2       The Listening God

Num_13:2         The Divine and Human Partnership

Num_14:8         The Exceeding Good Land

Num_14:11        A Provoking People

Num_14:33        The Doomed Generation

Num_16:3         The Priesthood

Num_16:8-11      Korah’s Rebellion

Num_16:38        ‘Sinners against their own Souls’

Num_17:5         Dry Sticks or Fruitful Boughs?

Num_20:10-11     An Ill-tempered Leader

Num_20:12        The Sin of Moses

Num_20:27-28     The Death of Aaron

Num_21:9         Bane and Antidote

Num_21:25; Num_21:35     Life at its Noblest

Num_22:13-21     Balaam

Num_22:20-22     Self-Deception

Num_22:38        Obedience without Love

Num_23:13        Whole Views of Life

Num_23:26        An Unwilling Servant of God

Num_24:1         Toward the Wilderness

Num_24:11        Man Proposes; God Disposes

Num_24:17        Pious Talk and Unholy Conduct

Num_25:2         Zeal for God

Num_27:18        Preparation for Pisgah