James Nisbet Commentary - Philippians 4:1 - 4:1

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James Nisbet Commentary - Philippians 4:1 - 4:1

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‘Therefore, my brethren dearly beloved and longed for, my jog and crown, so stand fast in the Lord, my dearly beloved.’


The life that we are to live as Christians is expressed in these words, ‘Stand fast.’ Let me call your attention to seven passages from God’s holy Word which show what will be our life if we stand fast in the Lord.

         I.       Stand fast in the faith (1Co_16:13).

         II.      Stand fast in Christian liberty (Gal_5:1).

         III.     Stand fast in all the armour of God (Eph_6:11-14).

         IV.      Stand fast in one spirit (Php_1:27).

         V.       Stand fast in the will of God (Col_4:12).

         VI.      Stand fast in the Word of God (2Th_2:15).

         VII.     Stand fast in the grace of God (1Pe_5:12).

What can we ask more? These seven things comprise every possible want that can rise in our hearts, and they are all supplied in Christ Jesus.

Rev. Prebendary Webb-Peploe.


‘A young man said, “Formerly, my highest wish was to be a manly Christian; now, I have come to desire to be a Christly man, a man taken possession of by Christ.” It is true that you take possession of Christ here for acceptance and salvation, but to win a crown, Christ must take possession of you.’