James Nisbet Commentary - Proverbs

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James Nisbet Commentary - Proverbs

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Verse Commentaries:

Pro_1:1  The Hebrew Wisdom

Pro_1:10         ‘Yield not to Temptation’

Pro_2:1-5        Wisdom’s Counsels

Pro_3:1  The Grace of Humility

Pro_4:7  The Principal Thing

Pro_5:6; Pro_5:21        Life’s Level Path

Pro_6:2  A Chapter of Warnings

Pro_7:6-7        Simpletons Attract Seducers

Pro_8:14         Strong Son of God!

Pro_9:10         Wisdom’s Beginning is God’s Fear

Pro_10:27        Long Life and Promised Blessing

Pro_11:13        Talebearing

Pro_11:24        Gaining by Losing

Pro_12:27        Defective Energy

Pro_13:21        Nemesis

Pro_14:12        Things are not what they Seem

Pro_15:1         The Power of a Soft Answer

Pro_16:2         Principles Turn the Scale

Pro_17:15        ‘Arcades Ambo’

Pro_18:10        God’s Keep

Pro_19:21        Man Purposes, God Disposes

Pro_20:17        Hard Fare

Pro_21:1         Dominus Dirigit Cor

Pro_22:2         The Maker of High and Low

Pro_23:17        Life is for God

Pro_24:30-32     The Field of the Sluggard

Pro_25:25        The Refreshment of Good News

Pro_26:13        Laziness and Cowardice

Pro_27:17        Ideas grow by Intercourse

Pro_28:14        Fear and its Antidote

Pro_30:7-8       The Prayer of Agur

Pro_31:28        The Reward of the Righteous Woman

Pro_31:30        The Beauty that never Fades