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James Nisbet Commentary - Psalms

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Verse Commentaries:

Psa_1:2  God’s Revealed Will

Psa_1:3  Three Aspects of Godly Character

Psa_2:1  The Ideal King

Psa_3:5  God’s Protection of the Helpless in Sleep

Psa_4:4  Self-Communion

Psa_5:7  Worship a Sight of God

Psa_6:10         An Intolerant Psalmist

Psa_7:12         The Patient God

Psa_8:4  God Mindful of Man

Psa_9:10         They that know God trust Him

Psa_10:17-18     A Sympathetic God

Psa_11:3         Foundations

Psa_12:5         Good Cheer for Bad Times

Psa_13:1         Seeming Desertion—Its Cause and Cure

Psa_14:1         No God!

Psa_15:5         The Godly Man

Psa_16:3         His Delights are with the Sons of Men

Psa_17:15        Satisfied

Psa_18:28        Light in the Darkness

Psa_19:12        Secret Faults

Psa_20:5         God’s Name

Psa_21:13        Thanksgiving for Victory

Psa_22:19        The Greatest of the Passion Psalms

Psa_22:20        The Power of the Dog

Psa_23:4         The Abiding Presence

Psa_24:1-2       The Earth is the Lord’s

Psa_25:14        The Open Secret

Psa_26:8         ‘Domus, O quam Dilecta!’

Psa_26:8         The Place where Thine Honour dwelleth

Psa_27:1         ‘Dominus Illuminatio Mea’

Psa_27:11        A Docile Learner

Psa_28:1         A Silent God

Psa_29:10        The Blessing of Peace

Psa_30:12        Joy for Heaviness; Gladness for Sackcloth

Psa_31:20        God’s Promise

Psa_32:3-4       The Comfort of Repentance

Psa_33:18        ‘Thou, God, Seest Me!’

Psa_34:1-8       ‘Benedicam Domino’

Psa_35:25        Mean Prayers

Psa_36:1-2       Guilt!

Psa_37:3         Remedies for Despondency

Psa_38:2         In a Sore Plight

Psa_39:12-13     The Pilgrim’s Prayer

Psa_40:7         The Self-Consecration of Messiah

Psa_41:5; Psa_41:10      Human Foes and Divine Friend

Psa_42:1         Athirst for God

Psa_43:3         Light and Truth

Psa_44:14        Why do God’s Saints Suffer?

Psa_45:3-4       Messiah’s Conquests

Psa_46:1         God a Strong Refuge

Psa_47:7         ‘Worship the King’

Psa_48:8         The City of Our God

Psa_49:18        Success

Psa_50:3; Psa_50:21      The Silence of God

Psa_51:10        A Clean Heart

Psa_51:17        Acceptable Sacrifices

Psa_52:9         The Name to Trust in

Psa_53:1-2       The Folly of Atheism

Psa_54:1         The Name that Saves

Psa_55:22        A Burden-bearing God

Psa_56:8         ‘He Careth for You’

Psa_57:7         ‘My Heart is Fixed’

Psa_58:1-5       ‘Faith in Righteousness’

Psa_58:1         Set on being Righteous

Psa_59:10        The Merciful God

Psa_60:12        ‘God is our refuge and our strength’

Psa_61:2         The Rock of Ages

Psa_62:2         Faith Triumphant

Psa_62:5         Waiting upon God

Psa_63:1         Man’s Relation to God

Psa_64:1         God the Defence of the Persecuted

Psa_65:2         The Hearer of Prayer

Psa_66:14        Testimony for God

Psa_67:3         God’s Name be Praised

Psa_68:13        A Hymn of Triumph

Psa_68:28        Divine Strength

Psa_69:23        Misused Privileges an Occasion of Falling

Psa_70:1         God the Hope of the Despairing

Psa_71:16        A Motto for the New Year

Psa_72:8         Messiah’s Reign

Psa_73:15-16     The Rectifying Influence of the Sanctuary

Psa_74:11        God as Silent and Inactive

Psa_74:16        Alternations and Consolations

Psa_75:7         A Psalm of the Divine Judgment

Psa_76:9         Divine Judgment and its Lessons

Psa_77:4         The Psalm of the Sleepless Night

Psa_78:19        ‘Limiting the Holy One’

Psa_79:8         God the Hope of the Distressed

Psa_80:17        The Divine Man

Psa_81:12-13     Abandoned of God

Psa_82:8         God as Judge

Psa_83:3         ‘Thy Hidden Ones’

Psa_84:10        Delight in God’s House

Psa_85:8         Listening to God

Psa_86:3         Daily Prayer

Psa_87:1         The Holy Hills

Psa_88:5         Free among the Dead

Psa_89:49        The Failure of Faith

Psa_90:16        A Message of Undying Hope

Psa_91:13        Victor in Life’s Battle

Psa_92:12        Palm-Tree Christians

Psa_93:1         The Kingdom of God

Psa_94:19        Good Thoughts in Bad Times

Psa_95:1; Psa_95:6       Worship and Rest

Psa_96:7         The Excellence of the Gospel

Psa_97:10        Life and Character

Psa_98:1         The New Song

Psa_99:8         Pardon with Punishment

Psa_100:5        Divine Goodness and Truth

Psa_101:2        The Hallowing of Family Life

Psa_102:16       God’s Home in Zion

Psa_103:5        Life’s Perpetual Renewal

Psa_104:34       Sweet Thoughts of God

Psa_105:17       God’s Previsions

Psa_106:24       Man’s Acceptance or Rejection of God

Psa_107:7        The Right Road

Psa_108:10       Opened City Gates

Psa_109:8        Responsibility of Office

Psa_110:4        The Order of Melchizedek

Psa_111:9        Reverence toward God

Psa_112:1        Who is Blessed?

Psa_113:1        The Lord’s Name be Praised!

Psa_114:7-8      ‘The God that doeth Wonders’

Psa_115:16       Heaven and Earth Contrasted

Psa_116:8        God’s Deliverance

Psalms 117       The Shortest Psalm

Psa_118:17       The Cry of Faith and Joy

Psa_119:18       Wondrous Things

Psa_119:50       Comfort and Life

Psa_119:71       The Discipline of Pain

Psa_119:94       Salvation

Psa_119:113      A Good Hater

Psa_120:1        A Case of Distress

Psa_121:1        Help from the Hills

Psa_122:1        Joy in Public Worship

Psa_122:2        Within the Gates

Psa_123:2        God’s Faithful Servants

Psa_124:8        The Divine Helper

Psa_125:2        God’s Encompassing

Psa_126:2        Godly Mirth

Psa_127:2        ‘If he sleep, he shall do well’

Psalms 128       The Picture of a Godly Man

Psa_129:8        God’s Blessing

Psa_130:7        Plenteous Redemption

Psa_131:2        A Hymn of Heart’s-Ease

Psa_132:6        The Sacred Ark

Psa_133:1        Christian Unity

Psa_134:1; Psa_134:3     Mutual Benediction

Psa_135:1        Sentiment and Argument

Psa_136:1        ‘His Mercy Endureth for Ever’

Psa_137:4        No Heart to Sing

Psa_138:2        God’s Wonderful Word

Psa_139:1-2      The Indwelling God

Psa_140:5-6      God the Soul’s Refuge

Psa_141:2        Incense and Offering

Psa_142:7        The Victory of Faith

Psa_143:7-11     Rest and Service

Psa_144:1        ‘It God be for Me, Who can be against Me?’

Psa_145:15       For a Harvest Festival

Psa_146:2        The Praise Book of the Jewish Church

Psa_147:2-5      God’s Building

Psa_148:14       Near unto God

Psa_149:1        A Hymn of Salvation

Psa_150:1-3; Psa_150:6   Hallelujah!

Psa_150:1-3; Psa_150:6   (Second Outline)