James Nisbet Commentary - Psalms 1:2 - 1:2

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James Nisbet Commentary - Psalms 1:2 - 1:2

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‘The law of the Lord.’


I. This law, which we have to learn, and by keeping of which we shall be blessed, is nothing else than God’s will.—If you wish to learn the law of the Lord, keep your soul pious, pure, reverent, and earnest; for it is only the pure in heart who shall see God, and only those who do God’s will as far as they know it who will know concerning any doctrine whether it be true or false, in one word, whether it be of God.

II. This law is the law of the Lord.—You cannot have a law without a lawgiver who makes the law, and also without a judge who enforces the law; and the Lawgiver and the Judge of the law is the Lord Himself, our Lord Jesus Christ.

III. Christ the Lord rules, and knows that He rules; whether we know it or not, Christ’s law still hangs over our head, ready to lead us to light, and life, and peace, and wealth; or ready to fall on us and grind us to powder, whether we choose to look up and see it or not. The Lord liveth, though we may be too dead to feel Him. The Lord sees us, though we may be too blind to see Him.

Canon Kingsley.