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James Nisbet Commentary - Revelation

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Verse Commentaries:

Rev_1:4-5        Trinity Blessings

Rev_1:7           Back to Christ

Rev_1:7           Looking for the Lord’s Return

Rev_1:10         The Lord’s Day

Rev_1:11-12      The First and the Last

Rev_1:13         The Present Lord

Rev_1:17         St. John’s Sight of Christ

Rev_1:17         The ‘Fear Nots’ of the New Testament

Rev_1:18         Resurrection Change

Rev_2:1           The Church in Ephesus

Rev_2:5           Remember!

Rev_2:5           Repent!

Rev_2:8           The Church in Smyrna

Rev_2:12         The Church in Pergamos

Rev_2:17         The New Name

Rev_2:18         The Church in Thyatira

Rev_3:1           The Church in Sardis

Rev_3:1           A False Reputation

Rev_3:7           The Church in Philadelphia

Rev_3:8           The Church’s History

Rev_3:14         The Church in Laodicea

Rev_3:18         The Divine Merchantman

Rev_3:19         Love’s Chastening

Rev_3:20         Full Surrender

Rev_3:21         The Christian Conqueror

Rev_4:1           The Vision of Heaven

Rev_4:2           The Triune God in Heaven

Rev_4:3           Lessons from the Rainbow

Rev_4:8           The Super-superlative Song

Rev_4:10         Casting their Crowns

Rev_4:11         The Reason of Creation

Rev_5:6           Worship

Rev_5:6           The Sevenfold Offices of the Holy Spirit

Rev_6:8           Death

Rev_6:9-11       The Intermediate State

Rev_6:16         The Wrath of the Lamb

Rev_7:9           The Saints of God

Rev_7:17         The Flock on the Celestial Mountain

Rev_8:4           The Prayers of the Saints

Rev_10:7         ‘Through a Glass Darkly’

Rev_11:15        God’s Just Claim

Rev_12:7         Christianity and War

Rev_12:7         St. Michael and All Angels

Rev_12:11        The Victorious Character

Rev_14:3         A New Song

Rev_14:4         First Fruits unto God

Rev_14:13        The Blessed Dead

Rev_15:3         The Church Triumphant

Rev_16:15        The Manner of Christ’s Coming

Rev_16:15        Keeping the Garments

Rev_18:4         The Call to Separation

Rev_19:5-6       The House of Praise

Rev_19:16        The Almighty Redeemer

Rev_20:11-12     The Judgment

Rev_21:9         The Bride of Christ

Rev_21:25        The Night Passed

Rev_22:3-5       The Service of Heaven

Rev_22:17        The Spirit and the Bride