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James Nisbet Commentary - Romans

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Verse Commentaries:

Rom_1:1           ‘A Servant of Jesus Christ’

Rom_1:7           Our Calling

Rom_1:7  ‘One Communion and Fellowship’

Rom_1:7  Grounds of Our Calling

Rom_1:9  Marks of Spiritual Service

Rom_1:14-15      The Sphere of Spiritual Service

Rom_1:16         Not Ashamed of the Gospel

Rom_1:16         The Gospel and Life

Rom_1:16         The Christian’s First Promise

Rom_1:16         The Power of God

Rom_1:16         The Power of the Cross

Rom_1:16         Have We Power?

Rom_1:16         Our Responsibility Towards the Gospel

Rom_1:16         Witnesses to the Power

Rom_1:16         Missions to Jews

Rom_1:16         The Claim of the Jew

Rom_1:16         Jew and Greek

Rom_1:17         Justifying Faith

Rom_2:4  God’s Goodness

Rom_2:4  An Incentive to Repentance

Rom_2:14-15      The Witness of Conscience

Rom_2:16         The Judgment

Rom_2:28-29      Covenant Relationship with God

Rom_3:1-2        Our Debt to the Jews

Rom_3:20         What is Sin?

Rom_3:24         Atonement

Rom_3:24         Redemption

Rom_3:26         Justification

Rom_3:26         Faith and Justification

Rom_3:29         The God of the Gentiles

Rom_3:30 (r.v.)  The Unity of the Godhead

Rom_4:3  Justification by Faith

Rom_4:7  The Covering of Sin

Rom_4:8  The Blessedness of the Believer

Rom_4:8  The Gift of Forgiveness

Rom_4:12         The Triumph of Faith

Rom_5:1  Peace with God

Rom_5:1-5        Present Privileges of the Justified

Rom_5:5  The Giver and the Gift

Rom_5:5  The Holy Spirit and the Love of God

Rom_5:5  The Fountain of God’s Love

Rom_5:5  Love Shed Abroad

Rom_5:6  For Whom Christ Died

Rom_5:8  The Depth of God’s Love

Rom_5:10         Salvation by Life

Rom_5:10         Christ’s Life in Heaven

Rom_5:12; Rom_5:19       Adam and Christ

Rom_5:20         The Triumph of Grace

Rom_6:3  Union with Christ

Rom_6:4  The Baptized Christian

Rom_6:4  The Christian Walk

Rom_6:4  A Permanent Factor in Spiritual Life

Rom_6:4  Resurrection Freshness

Rom_6:4  Aims in the Christian Life

Rom_6:4  A New Creature

Rom_6:4  A Religion of Newness

Rom_6:7  Freedom by Death

Rom_6:8  Christ and His People

Rom_6:11         From Death unto Life

Rom_6:11         The Reckoning

Rom_6:11         Death and Life

Rom_6:11         Alive unto God

Rom_6:13         A Living Sacrifice

Rom_6:14         A Great Promise

Rom_6:20         Slaves of Sin

Rom_6:21         The Hideousness of Sin

Rom_6:22         The Great Change

Rom_6:22         The Higher Life

Rom_6:23         The Wages of Sin

Rom_6:23         The Sense of Sin

Rom_6:23         What is Sin?

Rom_6:23         A Contrast

Rom_6:23         God’s Gift

Rom_6:23         ‘That they might have Life’

Rom_6:23         What is Life?

Rom_7:6  Spirit or Letter

Rom_7:13         The Sinfulness of Sin

Rom_7:23-25      Restoration of Fallen Humanity

Rom_7:23-25      The Bitter Cry of Humanity

Rom_7:23-25      St. Paul’s Conception of Christ’s Work

Rom_7:23-25      The Great Deliverer

Rom_8:1  No Condemnation

Rom_8:8  On Pleasing God

Rom_8:9  Heart-searching Words

Rom_8:9  The Work and Sphere of the Holy Ghost

Rom_8:9  The Spirit of Christ

Rom_8:9  Personal Examination

Rom_8:11         Easter Thoughts

Rom_8:12         The Christian’s Indebtedness

Rom_8:14         Faith in the Holy Ghost

Rom_8:14         The Christian Birthright

Rom_8:14         The Leading of the Holy Spirit

Rom_8:14         By Whom are we Led?

Rom_8:14         The Presence of the Holy Spirit

Rom_8:14         A Provision and a Test

Rom_8:14         Whom the Holy Spirit will Guide

Rom_8:15         The Family of God

Rom_8:15         The Individual Power of the Christian Life

Rom_8:15         The Spirit of Adoption

Rom_8:16         The Witness Within

Rom_8:17         Heirs of God

Rom_8:17         Suffering the Prelude to Glory

Rom_8:18         The Ministry of Suffering

Rom_8:18         The Mystery of Suffering

Rom_8:18         Sufferings and Glory

Rom_8:18         Preparation for Glory

Rom_8:19         The Waiting Church

Rom_8:19         Our Relation to the Animal World

Rom_8:20         The Vanity of Creation

Rom_8:20-21      The Hope of Creation

Rom_8:20-21      Spiritual Development

Rom_8:22         Christian Knowledge

Rom_8:22         The Sacring of Pain

Rom_8:25         Patient Waiting

Rom_8:26 (r.v)   The Holy Spirit of Help

Rom_8:37         ‘More than Conquerors’

Rom_8:38-39      No Separation

Rom_9:13         The Story of Jacoh

Rom_9:13         Sowing and Reaping

Rom_9:13-14      No Unrighteousness with God

Rom_9:16         Predestination and Free Will

Rom_9:30         Faith and Righteousness

Rom_10:1         ‘The Heart’s Desire and Prayer’

Rom_10:9         Confirmation

Rom_10:17        Faith

Rom_10:21        The Outstretched Hand

Rom_11:8         Spiritual Blindness

Rom_11:11        Christianity and the Jews

Rom_11:12        The Salvation of the Jews

Rom_11:20        The Downfall of the Jews

Rom_11:20        Standing by Faith

Rom_11:36        God’s Revelation to Man

Rom_11:36        Divine Omnipotence

Rom_12:1-2       St. Paul’s Appeal for Christian Worship

Rom_12:1-2       Consecration of Life

Rom_12:1-2       Dedication of Life

Rom_12:1-2       ‘A Living Sacrifice’

Rom_12:3         Humility

Rom_12:4-5       Unity

Rom_12:5         ‘Members One of Another’

Rom_12:5         Universal Brotherhood

Rom_12:11        Enthusiasm

Rom_12:16 (r.v.)         A Much-needed Precept

Rom_12:16 (r.v.)         Sympathy One with Another

Rom_12:18        Resentment

Rom_13:1         The Christian Citizen

Rom_13:4         The Ministry of Monarchy

Rom_13:6         God’s Civic Ministers

Rom_13:10        Christian Love

Rom_13:10        The Law Fulfilled by Love

Rom_13:12        The Coming Day

Rom_13:12        The Christian Life

Rom_14:7         Personal Influence

Rom_14:7         ‘One Touch of Nature makes the whole World Kin’

Rom_14:8         Life and Death Unto the Lord

Rom_14:12        A Question of Account

Rom_15:4         The Unity of the Bible

Rom_15:4         The Work of the Bible

Rom_15:13        The God of Hope

Rom_15:13 (r.v.)         ‘In the Power of the Holy Ghost’

Rom_16:14        Some Proper Names

Rom_16:25-26     The Scriptures of the Prophets