James Nisbet Commentary - Titus 2:11 - 2:11

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James Nisbet Commentary - Titus 2:11 - 2:11

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‘The grace of God that bringeth salvation.’


Observe, ‘the grace of God bringeth salvation.’

I. Grace always brings its blessings to the soul.—It never says, ‘Try and reach them.’ That would be law, not grace. Grace comes down to the lost one with a full hand. It comes like a letter with our own name written upon it. It says, ‘This is yours. Open your eyes and read your name. It is all yours—yours now; yours, the purchase of my blood; yours without one condition. This is grace. This is the way grace “bringeth salvation.” ’

II. But mark—‘bringeth salvation.’ It is not a past act. It is a present thing. The Holy Spirit ‘bringeth’ it now. He is always bringing it, and will bring it, till there be no more needy souls to bring it to. He ‘bringeth salvation.’ What glorious words! How they exactly meet the sinner’s case. How God-like it all is!

III. But salvation from what?—From everything against you. You are a sinner. As a sinner the wrath of God is against you, the law is against you, conscience is against you, everything is against you. Salvation is a full removal of everything against you. Not only so, but it turns them all in your favour. The wrath of God is gone, and His love is yours. The law is fulfilled for you. Sin has been put away and the righteousness of God is yours. Heaven is yours, Christ is yours—‘all things are yours.’ All this ‘grace bringeth’ to you now—as you are—a sinner. Your only plea, your only title, a needy, helpless sinner. What a glorious message the Gospel is!

Rev. F. Whitfield.