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Charles Buck Theological Dictionary: ABYSS

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In a general sense, denotes something profound; in its literal sense it signifies without a bottom; in a more particular sense it denotes a deep mass or fund of waters. In this last sense the word is used in the Septuagint for the water which God created at the beginning with the earth, which our translators render by deep. Thus it is that darkness is said to have been on the face of the abyss, Gen_1:2. Abyss is also used for an immense cavern in the earth wherein God is supposed to have collected all those waters on the third day, which in our version is rendered the seas, and elsewhere the great deep. Abyss is likewise used to denote the grave or common receptacle of the dead, Rom_10:7 : also hell, or the bottomless pit, Luk_8:31. Rev_9:1. Rev_11:7.