Homosexuality by Wesley Walker: Walker-01-The Harding Controversy should open our Eyes

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Homosexuality by Wesley Walker: Walker-01-The Harding Controversy should open our Eyes

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The Harding Controversy should open our Eyes

I was in Guatemala last week when the Harding Controversy broke. Since returning I have had the opportunity to both read the Internet Magazine (ezine) and watch the video response of the Harding President. If you are not familiar with this story, let me give you the details briefly.

Basically, the publication was addressed to those involved with Harding University. At its core it was to describe the difficulties homosexuals have at the University. The ezine portrayed the group as a persecuted minority. It also sought to defend homosexual practice against the charge that it is sinful. This publication was available online and distributed to students on campus (as well as at least 6 other University campuses). Ultimately, this resulted in the President of the University blocking the website as being inappropriate. The reason for the blocking, according to the President, was not censorship, but rather he felt the content was offensive.

The events at Harding bring to the forefront some major issues. The question of how the church will respond to homosexuality as it becomes more accepted in the culture at large.

The conversation on homosexuality needs to occur. Christians needs to work through what the Bible teaches on the subject. I hope to aid in this study. A new series will begin on this website. In this series I hope to begin by interacting with the ezine. Then, I want to look at the relevant passages in Scripture that deal with the subject. Finally, I want to address the question of how do Christians treat homosexuals.