Homosexuality by Wesley Walker: Walker-10-Homosexuality What does the Bible say?

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Homosexuality by Wesley Walker: Walker-10-Homosexuality What does the Bible say?

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Homosexuality–What does the Bible say?

Our study of the issue of homosexuality has dealt with many Scriptures. We have attempted to do exegesis before drawing conclusions (although we do draw some conclusions at the end of each study). The goal of this article is to put it all together with some concluding thoughts.

1. The Old and New Testament have a consistent witness to the sinfulness of homosexuality. The Genesis account of Sodom, along with its later interpretation, clearly shows that the city was condemned, in part, for homosexuality. Leviticus declares that the act is an abomination to God. The New Testament agrees with the Old Testament in its condemnation of homosexuality. Jesus, Paul, and other New Testament writers and figures show it is sin, and therefore deserves God’s wrath (Rom_1:18 ff).

2. Homosexuality as an act is condemned. Some will say that what is being condemned in these verses is homosexual relationships where love is not found. However, this is just not the case. The Bible condemns the act regardless of the relationship in which it is committed.

3. Homosexuals are able to overcome this sin with the power of the gospel. The witness of Scripture is that those practicing sin can repent and through the power of the gospel be forgiven for their sins. It doesn’t mean they will not struggle with temptations, but it does mean they no longer have to be identified with their former practice.

4. Human sexuality was determined at Creation and that model should not be changed. Ultimately our study of this subject could have ended by reading the first two chapters of Genesis. In those chapters God establishes the model for human sexual relationships. The model is that one man and one woman, because God intentionally made us male and female, marry and enjoy sexual relations within that context. Any other expression of sexuality, such as fornication, adultery, homosexuality, is outside of the will of God.