Homosexuality by Wesley Walker: Walker-06-Homosexuality-Do Strong Urges make it okay?

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Homosexuality by Wesley Walker: Walker-06-Homosexuality-Do Strong Urges make it okay?

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Homosexuality-Do Strong Urges make it okay?

Anecdotes are the facts of our generation. Everyone likes a story. Truth told in story seems more believable. That is why I was not surprised when the first half of the Ezine at Harding (see chapter 1) was a collection of stories. These stories are meant to draw sympathy from the reader and hopefully to persuade the reader to accept the position.

I’m not against stories. In fact I think couching truth in a story, or illustrating truth through narration is a great way to help people both understand truth, and be sympathetic toward it. However, stories have their limitations.

One major problem with stories is when they attempt to prove something that isn’t true. This seemed to be what frustrated me about the stories told in the ezine. One of the “truths” these stories were meant to prove was that homosexuality is accepted by God.

There was a common argument within the stories. The argument basically had three parts.

1. I struggled with homosexuality.

2. I asked God to remove the struggle.

3. God did not remove the struggle.

The conclusion reached was my practicing homosexuality must be okay.

Now those who are have taken classes in logic would quickly see that the conclusion reached does not come directly from the truths stated. Simply because you struggle with a sin and prayed for the struggle to stop, and it doesn’t, does not change sin into righteousness.

In Romans 7 Paul speaks of his struggle with sin. He states he would do the very thing he hated to do. He longed for the day when God would completely deliver him from this struggle. However, Paul did not argue that since God has not delivered him yet that the sin was okay.

Couched in story we are more likely (due to the emotions the stories draw from us) to believe the propositions. However, when we remove the story and get to the heart of the argument we see its fallacy. Men and women struggle with sin. We struggle with temptation to sin. These temptations can be strong and we can pray to God fervently that He remove the struggle, but simply because we still struggle, after we pray, does not mean that God is saying sin is okay.

It is the lot of all of us in this fallen world to struggle with sinful desires. Now as Christians sin no longer reigns over us, but it does not mean that we will not have strong temptations. Just because the temptation is strong does not mean that God is saying continue in the sin!

Instead we should ask the question is the activity sin. If it is, then we should work on doing the best we can to avoid putting ourselves in situations where we might fall, knowing our strong urges exist.

This is not good advice simply to the person struggling with homosexuality, but with any person who struggles with sin. The heterosexual who has strong urges toward adultery and fornication also needs to apply this truth as well! Strong urges does not mean we have God’s approval to sin!