Homosexuality by Wesley Walker: Walker-07-Homosexuality-What Does Love require?

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Homosexuality by Wesley Walker: Walker-07-Homosexuality-What Does Love require?

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Homosexuality-What Does Love require?

It is popular now to use the word love as a defense for any activity. The argument is God is love, or Jesus was all about loving people, with the conclusion being that therefore we should love. This is fine. However, normally love is redefined by cultural means. The point is that if you love then you will accept me and my sin (even if I refuse to turn from it).

Now love does include acceptance. But what happens is something that is true is radicalized and made into something that is false. Love does not mean that we accept habitual sin without warning the individual of the outcome of his/her decisions. In fact that isn’t love at all.

How loving is it to not tell people the truth? Jesus could have been totally accepting of the Rich Young Ruler’s greed, and the man be eternally lost. Jesus would not have been loving in doing so. Love, at times, requires us to be honest enough with people to tell them that they need to repent.

If homosexuality is a sin (and we will look at this more later in the series), then it is destructive. Therefore, anyone who truly loves will tell people the truth about their destructive behavior. To refuse to do so would be unloving. We love people too much to see them destroy their souls.