Treasury Scriptural Knowledge Expanded - Acts 24:2 - 24:2

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Treasury Scriptural Knowledge Expanded - Acts 24:2 - 24:2

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Seeing: Felix, bad as he was, had certainly rendered some services to Judaea. He had entirely subdued a very formidable banditti which had infested the country, and sent their captain, Eliezar, to Rome; had suppressed the sedition raised by the Egyptian impostor (Act 21:38); and had quelled a very afflictive disturbance which took place between the Syrians and Jews of Cesarea. But, though Tertullus might truly say, "by thee we enjoy great quietness," yet it is evident that he was guilty of the grossest flattery, as we have seen both from his own historians and Josephus, that he was both a bad man and a bad governor. Act 24:26, Act 24:27, Psa 10:3, Psa 12:2, Psa 12:3, Pro 26:28, Pro 29:5, Jud 1:16

Reciprocal: Job 32:21 - flattering Psa 15:4 - a vile Pro 28:4 - that Dan 6:6 - King Dan 6:12 - they 1Ti 5:19 - receive