Treasury Scriptural Knowledge Expanded - Acts 27:44 - 27:44

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Treasury Scriptural Knowledge Expanded - Acts 27:44 - 27:44

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that: Act 27:22, Act 27:24, Psa 107:28-30, Amo 9:9, Joh 6:39, Joh 6:40, 2Co 1:8-10, 1Pe 4:18

land: Melita, now Malta, the island on which Paul and his companions were cast, is situate in the Mediterranean sea, about fifty miles from the coast of Sicily, towards Africa; and is one immense rock of soft white free-stone, twenty miles long, twelve in its greatest breadth, and sixty in circumference. Some, however, with the learned Jacob Bryant, are of opinion that this island was Melita in the Adriatic gulf, near Illyricum; but it may be sufficient to observe, that the course of the Alexandrian ship, first to Syracuse and then to Rhegium, proves that it was the present Malta, as the proper course from the Illyrian Melita would have been first to Rhegium, before it reached Syracuse, to which indeed it need not have gone at all.

Reciprocal: Act 28:1 - the island 1Co 3:15 - he shall 1Co 10:13 - make