Quiet Talks by Samuel Dickey: Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Prayer Changes Things: 13. Hearing The Last Word

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Quiet Talks by Samuel Dickey: Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Prayer Changes Things: 13. Hearing The Last Word

TOPIC: Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Prayer Changes Things (Other Topics in this Collection)
SUBJECT: 13. Hearing The Last Word

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Hearing The Last Word

We want to step, just a moment, to Olivet and hear the Master's last word. But remember this: you cannot stand on Olivet without seeing Gethsemane, and seeing Calvary, — suffering spelled out twice to the deepest degree; and seeing Bethany, — power spelled out prophetically beyond what mere man has ever known. It is the last time they are together. He's going away — but coming back pretty soon, they understand. They don't know just how soon; but they do know this, that while He is gone they are to be as He, they are to take His place. And so they stand, eagerly looking into His face, and listening for His words, and wondering what the last word will be.

There's Peter, the man of rock, who slipped so badly, but who came back and was forgiven. There are John and James, the sons of thunder and of fire, who are to burn their lives out now for their Master. Here is the guileless man, and the others, grouped around the Master. But you hardly notice them, if you notice them at all. Your face quickly turns to Him, the Man in the midst, with a face torn by the thorns and cut by the thorns, scarred and marred by suffering for sin — other men's sin, but with a wondrous glory-light shining out of eyes and face.

And, as they listen, the Master says this — it is His last word, it contains the whole pent-up passion of His heart, it should be the first word with every follower of His. Simply it is, "Go ye." "All power hath been given unto Me, therefore go ye, and make disciples of all the nations." While that word is ringing in their ears, they are startled to notice that His feet are off the ground, and He keeps moving up, and up, and up, by a new law of gravitation upward, until by and by a cloud — not a rain cloud — a glory cloud, sweeps down out of the blue and conceals His form. And, as He goes away, the one word that rings and burns in ear and heart is this, "Go ye. All of you go. Go to all. Go with all you have. Go all the time there is. Because I have the power, you go, in My power, out to the farthest reach of the earth."