Quiet Talks by Samuel Dickey: Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Quiet Talks with Those Who Weep: 4. Chapter 4: The Throne View

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Quiet Talks by Samuel Dickey: Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Quiet Talks with Those Who Weep: 4. Chapter 4: The Throne View

TOPIC: Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Quiet Talks with Those Who Weep (Other Topics in this Collection)
SUBJECT: 4. Chapter 4: The Throne View

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Chapter 4: The Throne View

“Be silent to God, and let Him mould thee.”—Psa_37:7 (Luther’s translation).

“He that goeth aside to sit quietly in the secret place with the Most High, will find Him coming over so close that this man shall be lodging under the very shadow of the Almighty.” — Psalms 91 : i (Free translation).

“Calm in the sufferance of wrong,

Like Him who bore my shame;

Calm, ’mid the threatening, taunting throng,

Who hate Thy holy Name.”

Horatius Bonar

But does he know about us down here; about just us, here by the old family hearth-fire?

And does he know about how things are still going on down here, the awful war still on and even getting worse, the distress and sorrow, the hunger and suffering, the awful moral tragedies, and . . . and . . . the loneliness, and . . . all the rest of it: does he know?

And if he does how can he be happy? How can one ever be happy again who knows even a little of what has happened just this year . . . how can he?

And the rush of uncontrolled emotion comes anew. And the break in the heart begins bleeding afresh. And one of those great flushes of feeling sweeps over you as you ask.

You may let it out. Some can and do. You may keep it, most of it, under the lock and key of strong restraint. Some can and do. And they feel the wear on the inner wheels all the more.

How can he? . . . They up there . . . how can they? Well, you see, you have dropped your eyes a little, until you see only part, the dis­tressing weeping breaking part. But they can see all. That’s the answer to your “how?”

There's a throne up yonder. They are getting the throne view. They’re under the blessed brood­ing spell of the quieting green rainbow which the throne-light makes as it shines out.

Over all our world there’s a throne; there is control; there is mastery. There is an eye that never slumbers, but instead watches sleeplessly with love’s sleeplessness. There is a sensi­tive hand laid on the pulse of the old earth’s life. There’s a master­ful hand on the helm.

He . . . the one you are thinking of ... he sees all this. He doesn’t know all. Ah! he’s just beginning his lessons in knowing. But he does know enough to steady him, while the rest is working out.

Suppose we let him, the one you are thinking of, help us here a little. That is, let us try to see things a bit as he sees them up there. Let us try to get some­thing of the throne view.

We’ll draw our Bibles over and recall some of the things the Book tells. And he, his presence yonder . . . what we know that he does know, this will help us. It will make it all more real and personal.

What we’re needing most is the throne view. We need to see things as our Lord Jesus sees them. That will help us greatly as our feet press the common clay, our common round of life.

The present time is not all the time there is. There is more coming after this. And the more will be a different sort from this. And it will change the whole look of things. And— may be—it’ll come soon, this other different sort, sooner than any of us now think.

This horrible riot of blood and din, of smoke and confusion, of suffering and wrong and in­humanity, this breaking of all honour and right and pledged word, this is not God’s plan.

This tangle of tragedies and horrid discord of noises, this stifl­ing nightmare, this is all dead set against God’s plan. It runs straight across the grain of God’s plan. It hurts His heart more than it does ours.

It is a result of man's freedom; only this; all of this. This is the one only explanation. This is the image of God in which we were made ... this freedom of choice and action. And this hell-thing called war, now in its superlative degree, this is a result, one result, of man’s freedom. That is one thing to see clearly.

The present is not the whole. It’s only a part. It’s only a hyphen, a thing in between. There’s something coming after the hyphen, this bloody tangled tangling hyphen.

There is a change coming. It will be a radical change. It will be a blessed change. It will be a change back to original Eden conditions.

Some day our Lord Jesus is coming back. The blue that opened to let Him through and up, will open again to let Him through and down.

He will come in great glory just as He naturally is. His glory was hidden before, for the sake of our eyes. No one knows when He will come. But, mark you keenly, when He does come . . . !

That fire is doing better now, isn’t it? That stirring up of the fagot did good. We are getting a bit warmer now. The chill is less marked. Give that big log there a turn . . . so . . . that’s good! Now we’ll go on.

When He does come, it will not be to wind things up, to close things up. It will be to begin things anew on the old earth, on the original plan.

Yes, there will be some radical changes at the beginning of the new order of things. But chiefly it will be a fresh start on the original plan of life on this same old earth, as first planned by God.

There will be no war then. There will be a gradual cessation of sickness and death until these are largely, almost wholly un­known. Envy, hatred, jealousy, bickering, fighting, rivalries of the bad sort and of the not-good sort . . . these will be gone.

Pain, hunger, poverty, weakness, distressing partings, ignor­ance, passion, prejudice, super­stition, gradually these will go until they will be almost for­gotten. It will be a reign of love, on this same old earth, with the present laws of living, learn­ing, growing, serving, all in full sway, but in a natural way.

The common word for it all is Kingdom, the thing we all pray daily to come. The atmosphere of it will be an atmosphere of love—strong, pure, true love.

The purpose of it will be to let men really get acquainted with God, and God's way of things. They will be finding how life will be when God is let in as freely as is natural, both to life and to Him.

There’ll be need of helpers in that day, great need of trained, tested, trusty helpers. This pre­sent time is part of our school­time. And so is the present interval with those who have been taken up and away.

Our loved ones who have been taken from our clinging grasp are in school. They are in training. They are being got ready for the service of the Kingdom time that’s coming down on the old earth.