Quiet Talks by Samuel Dickey: Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Quiet Talks About Calvary: 06. Look for the Man

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Quiet Talks by Samuel Dickey: Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Quiet Talks About Calvary: 06. Look for the Man

TOPIC: Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Quiet Talks About Calvary (Other Topics in this Collection)
SUBJECT: 06. Look for the Man

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Look for the Man

These are a few of the foreshadowings in the Old Testament of the marvellous fact of Calvary in the New. Sacrifice is the undercurrent of the whole Book, —substitution, innocent blood shed on behalf of the guilty, and the guilty going free through that shed­ding of blood. Although this is true, it takes the light of the Cross to see fully how much all of this means.

You know how publishers have a way of putting their imprint on paper by what they call a water­mark. By holding up the paper to the light you can see the water-mark. Have you ever noticed the water­mark in this Book? Pick up your Bible, and hold it up to the light, the light of the Cross. You want to get the right light to see this water-mark. And on every page, through and through, Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, Isaiah, Major Prophets, Minor, if you look carefully you will see a very clear water-mark, the mark of a Cross! And a peculiar thing about this water-mark different from those in trade use is this, — there is a distinct reddish tinge to it.

A friend of mine, a professor in a theological seminary, was watching his children one afternoon playing with their blocks. They had a game of blocks, and by fitting the blocks together they would get the map of our country from ocean to ocean. They were trying to fit the blocks together correctly so as to make the map. But they could not get them right. Mountains and rivers got confused, and would not fit. The father was sitting quietly watching them as they tried to fit the blocks. At last one of the older children said, “Oh! Look at the other side of the blocks; there’s the face of a man! Let’s find the man!” And they turned the blocks over; they knew a man’s face, they quickly put the pieces in place until the man’s face was formed. And then they had their map on the other side.

That is the key to this Book. Look for the Man! He is here. And more, look for Him on a Cross, and you will have the key to the whole Old Testament. And yet this is true, this is true, that only as you and I come and bow humbly at the foot of the Cross, and say, “Lord Jesus Christ, I trust Thee as my Saviour; wash me in Thy blood, and help me live today in the power of Thy Cross,”—only so shall our eyes be opened to see these marvellous foreshadowings fully. But you will find the LORD JESUS on a Cross all through. May we see it more plainly day by day, be­cause as we see it, so shall we have victory over the Evil One, and ride in chariots of victory, and know the marvellous power of our Lord Jesus Christ at every turn.

If a man would be saved there is just one way, the red-road of the Cross. If a man would have power over temptation there is just one way, the name of Jesus Christ, the Victor on the Cross and on the Third Morning. And if we would rise into lives of victory, may I say victory bodily, victory mentally, vic­tory in spirit, victory in service, at every turn, with our faces always turned toward the sunlight, and the music always playing, and the flags at the top of the mast, if we would do that we must live daily in the shadow of Calvary. And as we do we may live just so, with our strength at its full, with our flags flying, and with victory marking every rod of the road. May we live that way, for Jesus’ sake, our Lord.