Quiet Talks by Samuel Dickey: Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Quiet Talks About the Healing Christ: 34. Health? or Healing

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Quiet Talks by Samuel Dickey: Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Quiet Talks About the Healing Christ: 34. Health? or Healing

TOPIC: Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Quiet Talks About the Healing Christ (Other Topics in this Collection)
SUBJECT: 34. Health? or Healing

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Health? or Healing

Health is more than healing. There's more of it. It calls for more of the Creator's power. It means more to a man. And it will be the means of greater spiritual blessing if things are as they were meant to be.

The task of keeping men in health, even as much health as they have, is immeasurably greater than healing all who need healing, even if they would all come for healing.

Christ is greatest in the unrecognized power He is expending on men all the time. And all this power has the Calvary mark upon it. It is all red-tinged.

Health means rhythm, the smooth working of all parts together. Disease is a break in the rhythm. Rhythm is ease. A break in the rhythm means absence of ease, disease, of some sort.

When there's full rhythm within your body and with your fellows, and with Christ, and with nature, there's fulness of life flowing in and flooding out.

But, but, there's a break, a bad break in the rhythm of life, within and without and above. Within we call it disease, without friction and strife, strikes and war. Above we call it sin.

But, in spite of the break, Christ continues His touch of creative power on all life, giving health and strength. This becomes less as we hinder.

There is full life only as we let Him do and give all He wants to. There's the added touch, giving healing, where the way is open to Him for that.

The first is the natural thing, the second is supernatural in addition to the natural. The first is for all, the second is for those needing it and who will come where He can give it.

There's one thing better than being healed. And this is being kept in health. Then healing isn't needed. It's the higher level, higher in intelligence and maturity of character.

It is higher in obedience, and in the taking from Christ's hand, day by day, all we need. And it costs Christ more in the continual giving out of power.

Christ's creative power through natural channels is commonplace, blessedly commonplace. It is everywhere. It is in every one, without exception.

His supernatural power is exceptional. Where His natural power is allowed freest hand there is less need of the supernatural.

But that break of sin is so sore, and so much in evidence everywhere, that there is a constant need of the supernatural.

And there would be far more of the super natural if the way were open. For Christ will do anything and everything to overcome the break of sin. He came that we might have life, and have it in uncommon measure.

There is the divine side of health and healing, and there is the human side. The two intermingle so continually that it's difficult to talk about the one without touching on the other.

But, just now, we want to talk a little about the human side. There's so much need of simple, clear teaching.

Living in that touch with Christ's natural laws of life, and in the direct touch with Himself, where health is the common thing and healing is not needed, this, this, is the higher, the highest level of living.

It is striking to find two distinct trails in the Old Testament, a healing trail and a health trail. The two run side by side.

And it is of intense interest to find the health trail greater in the space it takes up, and in the emphasis laid upon it.

It is the more interesting because this little Hebrew nation becomes a model of life in the ideals taught and insisted upon.

We traced partially, in an earlier Talk (Is it Christ's Will to Heal Our Bodies Today?), the healing trail in the Old Testament. It was a trail of teaching and of healing.

There is the plain teaching that God would heal. And it is used as a plea to pull them up to the higher level. And there is the string of incidents where men were actually healed in a positive supernatural way.