Quiet Talks by Samuel Dickey: Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Quiet Talks on Home Ideals: 20. The Divine-Human Trinity.

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Quiet Talks by Samuel Dickey: Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Quiet Talks on Home Ideals: 20. The Divine-Human Trinity.

TOPIC: Gordon, Samuel Dickey - Quiet Talks on Home Ideals (Other Topics in this Collection)
SUBJECT: 20. The Divine-Human Trinity.

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The Divine-Human Trinity.

There is a question that many a heart is asking just now as we talk together. It is this: how shall the two that belong together surely get together? There seem to be so many slips. There is so much that works persistently against this great ideal plan of God. Your heart says with a soft distinctness and a bit of a quiver in its eager beat: "How can I be sure to find my other answering self?" Well, it's a great delight to tell you that there is a way; and a very simple way it is, and as sure as simple. It has never been known to fail yet.

You know some of the old German philosophers taught that perfect love requires three for its maturity. There need to be the two who belong together and are bound together in love; and then a third one who draws out to himself the love of each, and whose love is drawn out fully toward each. So their love for each other finds new expression, and so new strength, in this third one whom each loves so devotedly.

This is the picture the Old Book gives of God Himself. It is said that He exists in three, or, as three. By inference perfection of being exists only where three are perfectly joined in one. A touch of reverent awe must always linger in the thought that the nearest human likeness to God is that wondrous human trinity, father and mother and child. The two that are one because of love, with a third one who comes as a direct fruit and result of their mutual love.

It is this same thought that underlies the words we are taught to use for God, "Father," "Son," and "Spirit." These words themselves imply the Father-love bringing the Son, and these together bringing another, who is so perfectly one with them, that only the word "Spirit" can be used for Him. He is the Spirit of both Father and Son.

Now here seems to be the key to the true friendship, and the simple answer to your earnest question. The divine trinity is Father, Son, and Spirit. The ideal human trinity is father and mother and child. Now there is a link between these two, the divine-human trinity, a new trinity, through which there comes to be the distinctively human trinity. The man and woman who belong together, are drawn together by the third One, who is really the first One.

He made each. He made them to fit together as two halves of a perfect whole. Only He knows the secret of love by which two can be made one. It is only through Him that the human heart ever knows love. He draws out to Himself the love of each, to the full, as no human being ever can. He puts into each the great tender passion for the other, and the yet greater, and yet more tender passion for Himself.

Love is really a bit of Himself in them drawing them to Himself and to each other, even as the natural parts of any whole will come together when unhindered. This is the great trinity, the trinity of trinities. With deepest awe at the marvels of God's love for man, it can be truly said this is the one perfect trinity, the divine-human trinity, the perfect union of God and man.