Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: January 19

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: January 19

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Thy dead men shall live.”


As the last lesson brought us to Machpelah with the weeping train who buried Sarah, it may be a fitting season for a “meditation among the tombs.”


Our life is not short and sweet, but brief and bitter. Its only fulness is fulness of trouble. Sin has done all this.


The flower is not always allowed to flourish till it withers, but is cut down by the scythe while yet in its glory; and so is man full often taken away in the midst of his days.


Job wonders that the Lord should think upon so frail a creature as mortal man.


The length of our troubles and the shortness of our lives are both caused by the impurity of our nature; and that is a matter of inheritance, for from unclean flesh there cannot come a pure posterity. A poisonous plant bears poisonous seed. A fallen man becomes the father of fallen children.


We have a day and a work appointed us, and we are immortal till these are ended.


So far as this visible world is concerned, man at death is gone never to return. For him there is no second budding and sprouting into another mortal life. The ancients chose the cypress as the symbol of death, because when once cut down it puts forth no shoots, but dies altogether. As regards this earthly existence their choice was wise and instructive. Let us then live while we live.


Job had seen lakes or inland seas evaporated, and torrent-beds left dry, and he compares them to man’s decay. But as rain from heaven can refill the pools and cause the torrents to rush with boundless strength, so will the Lord restore life to the dead. When the heavens are no more, but shall have passed away with a great noise, the graves shall yield up their charge, and men shall rise again.


Hide me as a treasure, kept by its possessor

The sufferer begged for rest, he petitioned for pity, he prayed the Lord to remember him; but, indeed, the Lord never forgets his servants.


When the waking morn shall come, the saints shall answer to their Creators resurrection-call, and rise to eternal life. In order to share in this blessedness we must have personal faith in the risen Saviour. Is this the case with all in our family? Is there an unsaved one among us? If so, since we may die to-day, may God arouse us that we may at once seek salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus, who is always ready to save.

God my Redeemer lives,

And often from the skies

Looks down, and watches all my dust,

Till he shall bid it rise.

Array’d in glorious grace

Shall these vile bodies shine:

And every shape and every face,

Look heavenly and divine.

These lively hopes we owe

To Jesus’ dying love:

We would adore his grace below,

And sing his power above.


The Lord shall guide thee continually.”

Gen_24:1-4; Gen_24:10-31


This is the summing-up of his life. Yet the former chapters record many and painful afflictions; and, doubtless, the Lord had made these also to be blessings.


The godly seed must be kept separate. It is not fit for believers to be joined in marriage with the unregenerate.


That business will be sure to speed which is carried on in the spirit of prayer. All matters concerning marriage should especially be prayed over.


Here was the hand of Providence. Observe it in your own lives also.


Answered prayer should be thankfully acknowledged unto God.


All difficulties vanished, everything was as he could wish it. It may not be thus with us; but if any course of conduct can make it so, it is that which begins and ends with prayer.