Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: January 2

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: January 2

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Praise ye the Lord.”


There was light before the appearance of sun or moon; but God made these the bearers thereof, that they might declare his glory. He could have done without them, but he did not please so to do. He could enlighten men’s minds without his ministers or his church; but, if he chooses to use them as lights in the world, let us be thankful for them, and pray for them.


Thus a chaos of light was reduced to order. Order is a law of God. Families are unhappy without it.


The delightful alternation of the day so suitable for labour, and the night so proper for rest, is certainly “good” for us in many ways, and we ought to adore the goodness of God therein.


Thus the Lord’s work of creation advanced to higher stages each day, and we shall find it so in grace; he will yet reveal choicer mercies to us.


The inconceivable numbers of fish and fowl in the earth show how potent was this primeval blessing. Let but the Lord bless his church in the same manner, and her converts shall be as the stars of heaven for multitude. Such wonders of creation ought not to be rehearsed without a song of praise: let us therefore turn to—

Psalms 148


All this day let us praise God with our hearts, words, and actions; for he has dealt very kindly with us as a family. Blessed be his name.

Praise him, ye gladdening smiles of morn;

Praise him, O silent night;

Tell forth his glory all the earth;

Praise him, ye stars of light!

Praise him, ye stormy winds, that rise

Obedient to his word;

Mountains, and hills, and fruitful trees,

Join ye and praise the Lord!

Praise him, ye heavenly hosts, for ye

With purer lips, can sing—

Glory and honour, praise and power

To him, the Eternal King!


Thy Maker is thine husband.”


The Lord first prepared the world for man, and then placed him in it. He fitted up the house before he made the tenant. This is an instance of his thoughtful care for our race.


Note the words, “Let us make.” The three divine persons hold a council; let us learn to adore Father, Son, and Spirit, as the One God. Man was the highest work of the six days’ creation, and was not fashioned without special consideration. He was made to be lord of the world; and if now the beasts rebel against him, it is only because he also has rebelled against his God.


Before he sinned man did not kill animals, but lived on fruits; every meal of flesh should remind us of our fall.



Thus there was abundance of food and drink, and a pleasant variety of prospect: the garden was a paradise of comfort. “No herb, no flower, no tree was wanting there that might be of ornament or use; whether for sight, or for scent, or for taste. The bounty of God wrought further than to necessity, it provided for comfort and recreation.”


Some occupation is necessary to happiness. Lazy people would not enjoy even Eden itself. A perfect man is a working man.


This was an easy yoke. Only one tree out of thousands was denied him as a test of his obedience. The Lord’s commandments are not grievous.


Before Adam knew that he wanted a companion, his tender Creator knew it, and resolved to find him one. Thus with gracious foresight does the Lord supply our needs.


We ought dearly to love mother, and wife, and sister, and aunt. These dear friends greatly minister to our happiness; and boys and young men should always treat them with tender respect.


We ought never to be proud of our clothes, for our weakness makes us need them; and they prove that we are sinful, since until we are covered we are ashamed to be seen. May Jesus cover us with his glorious righteousness.