Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: January 26

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: January 26

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All things work together for good.”

Gen_41:37-43; Gen_41:46-57

We left Joseph before Pharaoh, whose dream he had interpreted, and to whom he had given sage advice.


Joseph’s words concerning the Lord had a manifest effect on idolatrous Pharaoh, and he spoke with reverence. We need never be ashamed to avow our faith. Good will come of holy speech.


What a change from the prison to the chariot. Thus was the Lord Jesus uplifted from the grave, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow. Such honours in their degree shall all persecuted saints obtain either here or hereafter.


Prosperity did not spoil him. He set about his business, and discharged the duties of his office with great diligence.


Our afflictions leave no sting behind. The Lord’s love so rinses out our cup of sorrow that no bitterness remains. Such forgetfulness is sweet.


Here again he ascribes his happiness to his God, and blesses him for his double gift. To forget the past, and bear fruit in the present is a precious boon.


We may call this a typical gospel, for poor hungry sinners are now bidden to go unto Jesus, and what he saith unto them do. May we be every one of us led of the Spirit of God to seek unto him who alone can open the well-stored granaries of grace.


To whom else can men go for salvation but to Jesus, the Saviour? Have all who join in this reading gone unto the Redeemer for heavenly bread? If not—why not?

Hail to the Prince of life and peace

Who holds the keys of death and hell!

The kingdoms of the earth are his,

And sovereign power becomes him well.

In shame and sorrow once he died,

But now he reigns for evermore;

Bow down ye saints before his feet,

And all ye angel-bands adore.


The Lord trieth the righteous.”

Gen_42:1-4; Gen_42:6-10; Gen_42:13-24


It is wise to seek relief, and not sit down in despair. If we need heavenly bread we must bestir ourselves and go to Jesus for it.


Now was his dream fulfilled, though two-and-twenty years had intervened, and he had passed through slavery and prison.


Evil communications corrupt good manners. Joseph swears by the life of Pharaoh. He did it to conceal his true character, for they would assuredly judge that such was not the language of the seed of Israel.


He awakened their reflections by exciting their fears, dealing with them in the same manner as the Lord does with sinners whom he intends to reconcile unto himself. Divine severity brings the chosen to repentance.


This assurance must have been alike surprising and consoling to them. He who fears God will do his fellow men no wrong.


Their sin found them out, as ours will do sooner or later. When we sow wild oats we ought to remember that we shall have to reap them.


He who has a clear conscience is buoyed up in times of calamity.


This is a touching picture. Joseph in his great wisdom felt bound not to reveal himself at once, but his love was so great that he could not restrain his tears. When the Lord deals roughly with sinners to make them more deeply conscious of sin, he loves them notwithstanding all. Jesus has an eye of sympathy for weeping penitents.

Oh that I could repent,

With all my idols part,

And to thy gracious eyes present

A humble, contrite heart.

Jesus on me bestow

The penitent desire;

With true sincerity of woe

My aching breast inspire.