Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: January 29

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: January 29

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The Lord will provide.”


Joseph’s meeting with his family could not be long concealed; the happy fact oozed out, and the news was carried to the King himself


They were glad because so great a benefactor of their nation was made happy.


take you wagons or chariots


Pharaoh thus delicately and with lordly generosity, spared Joseph any scruples about inviting his kinsmen to dwell in the land; they were to come into the country as the king’s own guests. Observe how he bids them leave all their “stuff” behind, as if he meant to give them so much that would be better that they need not bring their tents or their furniture with them. Certainly, when we come to Jesus, and receive his treasures of grace, all earthly things become mere “stuff” to us.


How Joseph’s goodness contrasted with their former cruelty. “They sent him naked to strangers, he sends them in new and rich liveries; they took a small sum of money for him, he gives them large treasures; they sent his torn coat to his father, he sends variety of costly garments; they sold him to be the load of camels, he sends them home in chariots.” Far greater still is the contrast between our ungenerous treatment of the Lord Jesus and his bountiful returns of grace to us.


He knew them well, and feared that they might begin accusing each other, or might even become envious of Benjamin, as, they had formerly been of himself.


A sad heart is far more ready to believe a mournful falsehood than a joyful truth. When his sons wickedly showed him Joseph’s coat he said, “Joseph is without doubt rent in pieces,” but when they tell him a true story, he believes them not. It is a pity when despondency makes our judgment lose its balance.


First the words, and then the wagons aided Jacob’s faith, even as the words of Jesus and the gifts of Jesus enable us to believe on him. The venerable patriarch was more glad to hear that his son was “alive,” than that he was “governor over all the land of Egypt.” This was enough for him, and he resolved to have a sight of his beloved one. Where there is true love there will be a desire for communion. Those who love the Son of God will not be willing to live without heavenly fellowship. O may all united here in family worship, see Jesus by faith before they die, when they die, and then for ever.

Jesus, these eyes have never seen

That radiant form of Thine!

The veil of sense hangs dark between

Thy blessed face and mine!

Yet though I have not seen, and still,

Must rest in faith alone;

I love thee, dearest Lord! and will,

Unseen, but not unknown.

When death these mortal eyes shall seal,

And still this throbbing heart,

The rending veil shall thee reveal,

All glorious as thou art


We shall see Him as He is.”



As if now he could lie down and sleep, for his last desire was fulfilled. Bishop Hall says, “And if the meeting of earthly friends be so unspeakably comfortable, how happy shall we be in the light of the glorious face of God our Father! of that of our blessed Redeemer, whom we sold to death for our sins, and who now, after his noble triumph, hath all power given him in heaven and earth”


To speak the honest truth is always the best policy, and to follow an honest calling the best condition. Joseph might have bid them ask to be made nobles, but he knew that they would prosper better as shepherds. “Seekest thou great things for thyself, seek them not.”

Gen_47:2-10; Gen_47:12


He avowed himself a pilgrim, thus bearing witness to the hope which sustained him, but he gave to Pharaoh a more gloomy view of pilgrim life than Abraham or Isaac would have done. However, since this man of many trials yet reached the promised rest, even so shall every afflicted believer.


The reverend age of Jacob gave him liberty to bless even the monarch of the land. An old mans blessing is precious. Let us so act towards the aged, that they may invoke blessings upon us.


Thus our elder brother Jesus, who is Lord over the whole earth for the good of his church, takes care to nourish all his Father’s household “according to their families? Be pleased, O Jesus, to let this family share in thy great love.

When famine frowns and fields are bare

God shall for saints provide;

He has a land of Goshen where

He makes their souls abide.

In darkest times they need not fear,

Their wants are all foreknown;

Jesus their Lord shall now appear

As Joseph on the throne.