Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: January 30

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: January 30

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O give thanks unto the Lord.”

Psalms 105

The Psalmist commemorates the providential care of the Lord towards the chosen family in the delightful verses of—


Thankfulness should sweeten our spirit, worship should be our delight, and to make known the goodness of the Lord our constant employment.


Both singing and talking ought to be consecrated to the Lord’s honour, though, alas! they are too often desecrated to the most unworthy purposes.


We are very prone to glory in something; wise are they who glory only in the Lord.


Even when we have found him and know his love, let us press onward and seek him more and more.


Those who receive special favours should consider themselves under peculiar obligations to glorify God by publishing abroad his goodness and power.


Glory be to God, he has never ceased to be faithful to the covenant of grace. It is ordered in all things and sure, and not one word of it has ever fallen to the ground. His promises stand fast for ever, firm as the throne of the I AM.


With ease the surrounding potentates might have crushed the chosen race while one single tent could hold them; but the Preserver of men mysteriously guarded them, as evermore he keeps the little flock of his people. The persons of the saints are sacred, and sanctified unto God, they cannot be touched with impunity.


Before the famine came, arrangements had been made for the housing of Jacob and his family. Before our trials befall us the way out of than has been prepared. There was a Joseph before there was a famine.


God’s word caused the trial, and the same word ended it. There is as much a divine fiat concerning our daily trials as there was in the creation of the world. One word from God can bring us down, but, blessed be his name, another can raise us up.


Even favoured Israel must go into Egypt where trouble awaited his household; but it was needful for the preservation of the race, and therefore a matter for praise. Let us bless God also when we go down into Egypt, for the hand of the Lord is in it.

To God, the great, the ever bless’d,

Let songs of honour be address’d;

His mercy firm for ever stands;

Give him the thanks his love demands.

Remember what thy mercy did

For Jacob’s race thy chosen seed;

And with the same salvation bless

The meanest suppliant of thy grace.


God shall be with you.”

Gen_48:1-5; Gen_48:8-21


Jacob would not have Joseph fix his heart upon Egypt, but have a believing eye towards Canaan, therefore he speaks to him concerning it. We must ever guard against loving the world because things go smoothly with us.


Thus they were to be regarded as founders of distinct tribes, and to have each of them a portion among the sons of Jacob.


God is much better to us than our fears; yea, far better than our hopes.


The order of nature is not the order of grace. Jacob well knew this, for in his own case it was written, “the elder shall serve the younger.” The Lord’s purposes must stand.


Whoever dies, the Lord remains with his people. Let us not be in despair, though the best of our friends or the ablest of our ministers be taken from us.

When good old Jacob blest the seed,

From Joseph’s loins that came,

He cross’d his withered hands, ‘tis said,

And God has done the same.

Crosses each day with trials hot,

The Christian’s path has been;

And who has found a happy lot

Without a cross between?

Not so, my father,” oft we say,

This pain, this grief remove;

Too blind to fathom wisdom’s way,

Or think ‘tis sent in love.