Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: October 2

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: October 2

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He that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”



They thought that he would be as much pleased with noble architecture as they were; but he looked on the temple with very different eyes. To him nothing was beautiful which was polluted with sin.


Our Lord sorrowfully foresaw the total overthrow of the rebellious city, and warned his disciples, so that when the evil day came, they were prepared for it, and were confirmed in their faith in him by the remembrance of his prophecy.


And only the beginnings compared with the overwhelming destruction which would sweep over the city of Jerusalem and the nation of the Jews.


The various parties among the Jews, however much they warred against each other, would combine against the followers of Jesus, and seek to crush them with all their might.


Persecuted they would be, but they would conquer; the Gospel would be proclaimed all over the world, and neither men nor devils could hinder its course.


Those whom Jesus calls to be his advocates shall have full instructions from him, and divine help in pleading his cause. This promise has been most faithfully fulfilled, as all the books of martyrs most plainly show. Poor and illiterate men have baffled the learned in controversy, being helped to proclaim the truth without fear.


Saddest of all is the betrayal of good men by their own relatives, but this they have had to bear for Jesus’ sake. Ought we not to be able to bear those petty persecutions which in these times are all that the enemy can do against us? Sneers, jests, and slanders are light crosses compared with those which the martyrs carried.



Evils never come alone: while the church would be persecuted by those outside of her bounds, it would be disturbed within by heretics, and weakened by want of love and zeal.


This sums it all up. Come what may, if we hold on we shall conquer. Lord, grant us persevering grace.

Let not thy heart despond and say,

How shall I stand the trying day?

He has engaged by firm decree,

That, “as thy day, thy strength shall be.”

Should persecution rage and flame,

Still trust in thy Redeemer’s name;

In fiery trials thou shalt see

That, “as thy day, thy strength shall be.”


My words shall not pass away.”


Our Lord gave his disciples warning as to the destruction of Jerusalem, so that they might escape from the slaughter.


This advice the disciples followed, and as soon as the armies surrounded Jerusalem, they escaped to the little mountain of Pella while the inhabitants of Jerusalem were slain by the Romans.


They were not to linger to save their property, but flee for their lives at once.


So far our Lord spoke of the siege of Jerusalem. After this he referred to the last great day.


This is the glorious appearing of our Lord at the last. No sun or moon will be needed when he shines forth; his glory will be brighter than the sun in the heavens. He will find the nations still unsaved, and horror will be their portion. If he were to come now, should we have to mourn, or could we meet him in peace?


They shall be saved from the terrible destruction, and as soon as they are removed, wrath shall break forth on the ungodly. Our Lord then returned to speak of. the overthrow of Jerusalem, and gave his disciples warning to watch the signs of the times.

When the gospel race is run,

When the Gentile day is done,

Signs and wonders there shall be

In the heaven, and earth, and sea.

Lo! mid terror and mid tears,

Jesus in the clouds appears,

While the trump’s tremendous blast

Peals, the loudest and the last.

East and west, and south and north,

Speeds each glorious angel forth,

Gathering in with glittering wing

Zion’s saints to Zion’s King.

Man nor angel knows that day;

Heaven and earth shall pass away;

Still shall stand the Saviour’s word,

Deathless as its deathless Lord.