Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: October 25

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: October 25

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Declare His glory among the heathen.”

Psalms 96

The spread of the gospel among men of all nations had been the theme of sacred song in the days of the psalmist. We shall read two of the psalms which refer thereto.


Not Israel only, as in the olden times, but all mankind.


This was the business of Pentecost, and is the duty of all the saints at all times.


idols or nothings


Prayers and praises are to be presented by all mankind; the sacrifice of Jesus has ended all other offerings.


The reign of Jesus ends oppression, war, and crime, hence it is the cause of joy to all mankind.

Psalms 97


Our Lord’s birth was obscure, and his doctrine was to the world’s judgment mysterious as though wrapt in cloud; yet is it perfect holiness.


The fire of his Spirit destroyed idols and false philosophies.


The truth lit up the nations, and amazed all people.


All difficulties vanished, all enemies were subdued, the gospel triumphed over all.


Under the whole heaven the gospel was published: it was as well known as if written across the skies.


Glad times are in store for us, the seed which shall produce them is already sown and will soon yield its harvest.


Joy is the privilege and the duty of a Christian, and he cannot have too much of it if it be of the right kind. Never let us give way to repining, rather let our holy cheerfulness cause others to inquire, “Whence comes their happiness?”

All that remains for me

Is but to love and sing,

And wait until the angels come

To bear me to the King.


God hath given him a name which is above every name.”



They were interrupted on their way to their devotions, but it was a blessed interruption, for in the end they themselves were able to worship all the more fervently, and another was added to the number of those who praised the Lord. May we have grace to turn every incident we meet with to good account for promoting the glory of God. A beggar’s cry would not annoy us if we were looking out for opportunities of doing good.


Oh, the power of that name! If we did but believe in it as Peter did, we also should bless poor sinners, and be enriched ourselves with something better than silver and gold.


His joy was too great for him to go at an ordinary pace. When souls are healed by grace they overflow with enthusiasm. If we remembered our obligations to the Lord Jesus for making us whole, we also should often tread his courts with rapture, and feel as if we must dance for joy.


He points them away from himself and John to the Lord Jesus. This is very different from those Popish priests who bid us look to saints, and even urge us to seek blessings from their poor sinful selves.


He charges them with their sin. As the sharp needle makes way for the silken thread, so does conviction of sin prepare men for the glorious gospel.


See how he woos them, as a mother does her child, and interprets their wicked conduct as kindly as he can.


Jesus will come again to restore this fallen earth; till then he reigns above.