Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: November 21

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: November 21

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By one Spirit are we all baptised into one body.”

1 Corinthians 12

What think you of Christ’ is the test

To try both your state and your scheme

You cannot be right in the rest

Unless you think rightly of him.”


We are neither born nor born again for ourselves. Like bees, we must all bring honey to the common hive.


Meaning thereby, Christ mystical, or the church.


None of us, therefore, may despise another, because he does not happen to have our gifts. Variety in each is necessary to the completeness of the whole.


We cover with great care those parts of the body which are either tender or unsightly, and so those Christians who are feeble and faulty should receive the more of our kind care, lest the whole body should be injured through their means.


What was that which was better than the best? Love to God and man. Graces are better than gifts. A heart full of holy love is a far better endowment than a head full of the clearest knowledge, or a tongue overflowing with utterance. Whatever way we cannot run in, let us make sure walking in the “more excellent way” of love.


Watch ye, stand fast in the faith.”

1Co_16:1-2; 1Co_16:6-24

The apostle had written that glowing chapter upon the resurrection which we have read on a former occasion, but he did not consider it at all unseemly to close his letter with a few words upon “the collection.” To give of our substance to the poor, or to the cause of Jesus, if done in a right spirit, is one of the highest acts of worship—a deed of love which angels might envy us our power to perform. Is it not wonderful that God should condescend to receive a gift at his creatures’ hands?


Weekly storing is a most healthful Christian practice. If we were to put a portion into the Lord’s bag every Sabbath, we should always have money in hand to give to deserving objects.


Timothy was young, and therefore some might slight him: it is pleasing to see how the apostle thus protects him, and requests respect for him. The old should be considerate for the young.


He does not blame Apollos for declining to grant his request, but puts a kind construction upon his action, and is sure that he will visit them when he can. Always think the best you can of others.


This would be one of the best cures for the disorders which had marred their church! Watchful pastors are necessary to churches, and those are wrong who attempt to set up assemblies in which all rule, and none submit.


Not with a hollow kiss of hypocrisy, or an unholy kiss of wantonness. A shake of the hand is our western substitute for the kiss; and a good hearty shake of the hand is a noble sign of Christian fellowship.


To prevent imposture the apostle took the pen out of the writer’s hand, and wrote the last few lines himself.


Anathema Maran-atha or accursed when the Lord cometh


A sweet conclusion. He had been obliged to write sharply, but it was all in love. May love be lord of this dear home.

Our God is love, and all his saints

His image bear below;

The heart with love to God inspired,

With love to man will glow.

Oh, may we love each other, Lord,

As we are loved of thee:

For none are truly born of God,

Who live in enmity.