Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: June 12

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: June 12

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Evil doers shall be cut off.”



Short is the triumph of the wicked. Before Ahab can enjoy his plunder, he is to be served with a writ of ejectment of a terrible kind.


Admire the dauntless courage of Elijah, who does not hesitate to confront the haughty king in the very moment of his joy. Who would like to take the prey from between the lions jaws? Yet this heroic man advances to the task.


Ungodly men often count faithful ministers to be their enemies, when indeed they are their truest friends. We should count him our benefactor who has the courage to tell us unpleasant truth.


Had it not been for his iniquity, Elijah would not have troubled the king; but because Ahab offended the Lord, therefore Elijah offended him. In our ministry, if men’s consciences are touched, they ought not to blame the preacher, but their sins. Elijah went on to declare the utter destruction of the race of Ahab.


The same sins were to be followed by the same judgments. Let us take heed, for it is written, “Except ye repent ye shall all likewise perish.”


Here was a special word for the proud queen, and the prophet feared not now to utter it, though once he had fled from her. God makes his servants brave when they are on his errands. Nature may fail them, but grace will not.


Unconverted men have each one his price: give them what they ask, and they will sin as Satan may prescribe.


The doom pronounced on Ahab was most terrible, and the threat of it evidently had a great effect upon the vacillating king. He had no grace, and did not therefore savingly repent; but even his natural fear had something in it which the Lord approved, and therefore the doom was postponed a little. What power there is in humility and repentance! God grant us grace to approach him by Jesus Christ in a still more acceptable manner, adding faith to our trembling, and we may be quite sure that he who respited Ahab will altogether save us.

And lo! he vanish’d from the ground,

Destroyed by hands unseen;

Nor root, nor branch, nor leaf was found

Where all that pride had been.

But mark the man of righteousness,

His sev’ral steps attend;

True pleasure runs through all his ways,

And peaceful is his end.


What concord hath Christ with Belial.”

1Ki_22:1-9; 1Ki_22:13-14; 1Ki_22:28; 1Ki_22:30-35; 1Ki_22:37-38


This seems to be noted as a remarkably long season of rest. To what a wretched state must the poor but sinful people have been reduced by perpetual war. Scarcely a family could have escaped either plunder or the loss of its father and sons.


Alas, that a good man should so readily make a league with an idolator.


False prophets are always plentiful, for the business pays.


This was far too mild a rebuke, but evil communications lower the tone of the best men.

1Ki_22:9; 1Ki_22:13

This was a base attempt to pervert the prophet, but he was a true disciple of Elijah, and could not be turned aside.

1Ki_22:14; 1Ki_22:28

He spake like a man of God, and called on all around to bear him witness.


Thus in a dastardly manner he exposed his friend to screen himself. Bad companions will not hesitate to compass our ruin if it will answer their purpose.


This was a special deliverance, for we are told in the Chronicles that God moved them to depart from him. His great peril must have made him feel the evil of his association with Ahab.

1Ki_22:34-35; 1Ki_22:37-38

That chance arrow was guided by divine vengeance, and every syllable of Elijah’s threatening proved true. Who would not fear thee, thou just and holy God!