Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: July 12

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: July 12

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Come, Lord Jesus.”

Isaiah 60

We will now read Isaiah’s prophecy of the glory of the church in the latter days through the ingathering of the Gentiles. There is neither space for comment, nor need of it.

Hasten, Lord! the promised hour;

Come in glory and in power;

Still thy foes are unsubdued;

Nature sighs to be renew’d.

Time has nearly reach’d its sum,

All things with thy bride say “Come;”

Jesus, whom all worlds adore,

Come, and reign for evermore!


I will greatly rejoice in the Lord.”

Isaiah 61


The opening words of this chapter were quoted by our Lord Jesus as his credentials, when he stood up to read in the synagogue of Nazareth. The description which is here given is applicable to none but Jesus, and in him every word is verified. Note also how the whole Trinity unite in the work of grace. Jehovah the Father—the Lord God, anoints his Son to his glad office; the Spirit rests upon him; and the Son himself performs divine acts. This glorious gospel of the sacred Trinity is not for the proud and boastful, but for mourners and those who are in heaviness for sin. If we belong to that class, Jesus has come to bless us.


Set free from care, we let the dead bury their dead, and those who are of the earth, mind earthly things; as for us, our business is in another world.


It is our highest honour to be servants of God, and priests devoted to his honour, sacrificing prayer and praise.


Every sorrow of the Lord’s own people shall blossom into a double joy. The winter of grief will soon be over, and the eternal summer of bliss will be all the brighter.


Once let a people become sincere in heart, spiritual in worship, and upright before the Lord, and he will cause infinite blessings to be their portion, world without end.


Believers who walk with God shall be noted and noticed as being truly what they profess to be. It is a sad thing when men of the world do not know what to call us: it is to be feared that hundreds of professors are so inconsistent, that they will never be recognised by the world as being the blessed of the Lord, if indeed they be such.


How happy the church is as she surveys the righteousness in which she is clothed. She is overjoyed, and well she may be, for when the Lord covers our nakedness with his perfections, it is enough to make the stones sing.


We are God’s husbandry, and he will take care that the fair fruit of righteousness and peace shall be produced in us. So let it be, good Lord.

Where’er the sun begins its race,

Or ends its swift career,

Both east and west shall own his grace

And Christ be honoured there.

Ten thousand crowns upon his brow,

Declare his victories won:

O may his conquests ever grow,

While time its course shall run.