Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: July 25

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: July 25

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His heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord.”


The judgment of God hung over Jerusalem for a long time, as though the Lord were loath to strike the final blow. During that period Jeremiah prophesied that after the city had been destroyed the people would yet return, and in token of his faith he purchased a piece of ground.


This was a forlorn request indeed, for a piece of land in a country devastated by war and occupied by the enemy, is hardly worth accepting as a gift.


Therefore, he proceeded at once to the purchase, and thus made the people see that he believed that which he preached. We are bound, not only to have faith in God’s promises, but also to act accordingly. It is not every man who would give up good money for land which he could not reach, in the midst of a destructive war; no one indeed would do so, unless he believed that better days would come when the reversion would be valuable.


The business was honestly and thoroughly done. It was no sham purchase, and Jeremiah’s faith was no mere pretence. It is related in Roman history, that when Hannibal’s army was near to Rome, a field upon which the enemy lay was purchased in the full belief that Roman valour would raise the siege. Surely we have far more reason to venture our all upon the word of God, and prove our faith by our actions.


Jeremiah’s purchase would be talked of in all directions, and would be more convincing than any sermon. If we act in firm reliance upon our faithful God, our conduct will go far to arouse and to convert those among whom we dwell.

O for the living faith,

The real, active trust,

Which looks to what Jehovah saith,

Though trampled in the dust.

It plays not with the word,

Nor hesitates to act;

Pleading, it reckons to be heard,

And finds the promise fact


He delighteth in mercy.”

Jer_32:16-17; Jer_32:24-30; Jer_32:36-44

Although Jeremiah had without hesitation obeyed the word of the Lord, and declared his faith, yet he was in great mental perplexity, and therefore he resorted to the consoling exercise of prayer.


Then he went on to recount the Lord’s mighty acts in Egypt and in Canaan, and at last came to that which so much tried his faith, namely, the presence of the Chaldeans, and their earthworks, whereby the city was threatened. He pleaded with the Lord and said,


This is the way to pray. State the trouble—”behold the mounts,” and plead the promise. The Lord will make the mystery clear, and turn darkness into light.


Thus judgment was threatened, but after a while mercy would come to the front again, and that in a manner most marvellous.


These are charming words, and belong as much to every child of God as to restored Israel, for there can be but one everlasting covenant, and in that all believers have an interest. The people of God are favoured with new natures, which incline towards God and holiness, and must do so for ever: this is an unspeakable blessing. If we might fall away and perish even after conversion, we should have no security; but if the Lord declares “they shall not depart from me,” our final perseverance is secured.


So Jeremiah’s prayer brought him a cheering answer, and, man of sorrows as he was, he had abounding reasons for thankfulness.