Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: July 26

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: July 26

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The Almighty shall be thy defence.”

Jer_34:1; Jer_34:4-18


In a very short time they forced their way through the outer wall, and began to assail the inner fortifications.


The feeble-minded and vicious monarch had now before him conclusive evidence of the truthfulness of Jere- miah, and no doubt his anguish was great as he remembered how many warnings he had despised.


To see his babes slain, and his friends put to death by hundreds, must have been worse than death, especially to so timid a man as Zedekiah.


He had shut his eyes to the light, and now God for ever shuts him up in darkness; he had chosen the bondage of sin, and now he must wear the chains of misery. God has effectual ways of punishing rebels.


The mighty monarch cared kindly for the poor prophet. No doubt he had heard who he was, and how he had counselled the people to submit.

The mark of the man with the inkhorn was on the prophet, and that was the secret of his safely.


He had been kind to a prophet, and therefore he received a prophet’s reward, and moreover he had put his trust in the Lord, and therefore the saving mark was set upon him. If we cannot be prophets 01 ministers, let us be their friends, and the friends of Jesus, and we shall share in their salvation.

There is a safe and secret place

Beneath the wings divine,

Reserved for all the heirs of grace,

Oh! be that refuge mine!

The least, the feeblest there may hide

Uninjured and unawed;

While thousands fall on every side,

He rests secure in God.

Believer, here thy comfort stands,

From first to last salvation’s free;

And everlasting love demands

An everlasting song from thee.


The kingdom shall be the Lord’s.”

Oba_1:1-12; Oba_1:15-19; Oba_1:21

A short time after Jerusalem had been taken by Nebuchadnezzar, the Edomites were also overthrown. This was foretold by the prophet Obadiah. We shall have time to read almost the whole of his little book.


Boasting generally ends in the boaster’s being despised.


Pride must come down: neither God nor man can bear it.


But nothing would be left, the destruction would be complete.


If we are hard to others in their distress, it will be sure to come home to us. With what measure we mete, it shall be measured to us again; and especially so if we have rejoiced in the sorrows of God’s people.


As they drank in derision, so shall they drink to confusion. Woe unto them!


Israel must live, but Edom must die. The election survives, the enemy perishes utterly. Happy those who are of the true believing seed.

Oba_1:19; Oba_1:21

A most sweet ending. It is the inspired answer to our prayer, “Thy kingdom come.”

O Lord, thine is the kingdom,

Thine shall it ever be,

And all thy foes like Edom,

Shall perish utterly.

Long have they mock’d thy nation,

But thou hast mark’d their pride;

With crushing devastation

Thou wilt their boasts deride