Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: July 6

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: July 6

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Be ye not stiffnecked.”

2Ch_29:1-5; 2Ch_29:15-19


It is quite a relief to get rid of Ahaz and meet with one of the best of kings. Now Judah will prosper again.


Those who mean to do well cannot begin too early; the first year of this king’s reign was full of good.


Those who are to sanctify God’s house must themselves first be sanctified; we cannot cleanse others if our own hands are foul.


That memorable brook which our Lord crossed when he once for all sanctified his people. All the uncleanness of our holy things he has beheld; and by passing over that brook in sorrow he has put it all away.


The house being purged, worship could begin; our hearts also must be purified before we can offer acceptable homage to the Lord.

2Ch_30:1; 2Ch_30:6-12


Those who love God desire others to join with them in his service: true revivals create a missionary spirit. The kingdom of Israel was dissolving, and the poor people who remained could be reached by Hezekiah.


And no wonder. Ridicule is the favourite weapon of wicked men. Let us not marvel if the world scorns us and our entreaties; it only acts after its own nature.


Thank God, there is always some good soil for the divine seed to fall upon. Let us not be weary in well-doing.


The hand of the Lord works wonders: our churches and our nation need it. Lord, stretch out thy saving arm and glorify thy Son.


Purge out the old leaven.”

2Ch_30:13-15; 2Ch_30:17-23; 2Ch_30:26-27


It was meet to cast out the old leaven before they kept the feast. A purified temple led to a purified city; good things grow. Here is mention of the Kidron again, and so we are once more reminded of the atonement of our Lord Jesus, which removes all impurities.


The irregularities were unavoidable and not wilful, and therefore the Lord looked at the heart and forgave them. It would be a sad wrong done to the divine mercy if we were to argue from this that we may alter the ordinances of God at our pleasure. If we do so without the reasons which were present in this case, we shall meet with rebuke, and not remission.


A short but sweet prayer: sin is confessed, mercy sought, and the goodness of the Lord pleaded.


So there was much singing: the more praise the better.


There was much preaching; the people needed it, and were right glad to attend upon it.


Best of all, there was much praying and confessing of sin, and so we may be sure there was plenteous forgiveness, and this led the people to desire yet more fellowship with their God.

2Ch_30:23; 2Ch_30:26

Holy duties should be sweetened with holy gladness.


They ended well; every man went home with a blessing in his ears, and prayer also reached the ear of the God of heaven, which was the greatest mercy of all.



Those have profited indeed who go home to break their idols. Is this the result of our hearing? Do we make an end of our sins?


The best way to keep out error and sin is to promote truth and holiness by gospel ordinances and earnest ministers. Sound gospel preaching alone can defeat the inroads of Popery. The Lord send it in our day.