Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: September 1

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: September 1

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The God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly.”



The evil spirit had made him wildly insane, and given him supernatural strength, so that he was a terror to the district over which he roamed, making night and day hideous with his terrible outcries.


The evil spirit was compelled to crouch at the Redeemer’s feet; this was a token of the casting of Satan beneath our feet which shall be accomplished shortly.


It would seem as if all the fallen angels were let loose upon men at that time, so that many crowded into one poor creature: but our Lord was more than a match for them. A legion of soldiers numbered six thousand men; how many devils there were within this poor man we cannot tell, but if there had been six millions Jesus could have conquered them.


They cling to this world and dread to return to their prison house.


They had sooner plague poor swine than have no ill work on hand.


A most just judgment upon their owners, who, as Jews, had no right to keep unclean animals.


What folly! Yet many do this. They had rather not be impressed by the gospel, and therefore politely request it to go elsewhere. It will be an evil day for them if Jesus. grants their request, and leaves them for ever to themselves.


Here was happy, holy, useful work for him. Such a task as Jesus has allotted to each of us.

The powers of hell agree

To hold our souls in vain;

He sets the sons of bondage free,

And breaks the cursed chain.

Th’ Almighty king of saints

Our tyrant lusts subdues,

Expels the demons from our minds,

And all our soul renews.

For our own cheerful voice

Shall loud hosannas raise;

Our hearts shall glow with gratitude,

Our lips proclaim his praise.


If I may touch but His clothes, I shall be whole.”



She was his only daughter, and therefore very dear. Her father’s faith was of the boldest kind, for he hoped to see her raised up even though at her last gasp; but it was not equal to that of the centurion who thought that Jesus could cure by a word without coming near.


Contact with Jesus is life, the touch of faith conveys healing virtue to the soul. Her disease rendered her timid, so that she came behind, and stole the cure; and yet her faith was unusually strong,—many believed that Jesus could heal with a word, she alone believed that the very hem of his garment had healing power in it.


This was for her benefit. She might else have gone away believing that there was a power resident in Christ’s dress irrespective of his will; the Lord by showing that he knew what was done gave her clearer views of himself.


These were hired mourners who mimicked sorrow, and made loud lamentations.


Being quite sure that she was dead. Thus they became the best witnesses that there was no deception in her restoration to life.


Oh that Jesus in the power of his Spirit would go to the houses of his people, and raise all the spiritually dead. There are dear little maids whom we much love who have not the new life within them; we will pray for them, and hope that the word of the gospel will save them.


When we see young people converted, we should try to feed them with those truths which are intended to support and comfort their hearts.

In secret fear she came behind

And healing virtue stole,

But Jesus spake a loving word,

Thy faith hath made thee whole.”

Like her, with hopes and fears I come

To touch thee if I may,

Oh! do not on thy servant frown,

But send me healed away.