Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: September 12

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: September 12

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Before Abraham was, I am.”


Our Lord pleaded with the Jewish people and set the truth clearly before them, but they cavilled at him and rejected him. Of this we have an instance in—Joh_8:31-59.


The contentious party among the Jews here interrupted him, boastfully extolling themselves as freemen. They were under the dominion of the Romans, and yet gloried in never having been in bondage.


When they cannot argue, men usually take to railing. A bad case when hard pushed is very apt to employ abuse as its defence.


The sorrows of our Lord made him appear to be nearly fifty, though he was only a little over thirty.


Thus did he declare his Godhead and eternal existence, but they would not believe in him.


The eyes of the blind shall see.”



that is to say, neither his own sin nor that of his parents is the cause of his blindness


Means lucre used, but they were such as had no efficacy of their own, and would tend rather to impede than assist. Often docs the Lord use the most unlikely instrumentalities.


He was a plain blunt man of unusually sound sense. He ended the controversy by two words of the most positive kind—”I am.”


His statement was as clear as it could be, and as brief as possible.


And so the old quarrel was revived, and fresh ground found for opposing the Lord Jesus.


Here is not a word to spare, yet the statement is full and accurate.


So much he felt sure of, and was not ashamed to declare. When he knew more, he was equally definite and decided. If the Lord hath given us our spiritual sight, it will be a happy circumstance if we are just as positive and outspoken as this remarkable man. The cause of God needs many champions just now who will speak out whether they offend or please. The Lord make us such.

Yes, the Lord has healed my blindness,

Pitying my infirmity.

Trophy of his lovingkindness,

I was blind, but now I see!

Oh that all the blind but knew him,

And would be advised by me;

Surely they would hasten to him,

He would cause them all to see.