Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: September 28

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: September 28

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Who is this?”



He had the hearts of all men under his control, and at once moved the owner to lend his ass. The colt came and its mother at its side, for Jesus would not cause even the meanest creature a needless pain by separating it from its young.


He came in state as a judge, but it was in fitting state, and such as was becoming in a true ruler in Israel; for he did not ride upon the horse which was the boast of Egypt, but on the humbler ass, which ancient lawgivers had been content with.


And the multitudes that went before, and that followed, cried, saying, Hosanna to the son of David or, “Save now, we beseech thee”


Bishop Hall has well said: “The attending disciples need be at no loss for an answer. Which of the prophets has not put it into their mouths? Who is this? Ask Moses, and he shall tell you, the seed of the woman who shall bruise the serpent’s head. Ask your father Jacob, and he shall tell you, the Shiloh of the tribe of Judah. Ask David, and he shall tell you, the King of Glory. Ask Isaiah, and he shall tell you, Emmanuel, Wonderful, the mighty God, the Prince of Peace. Ask Jeremiah, and he shall tell you, the righteous Branch. Ask Daniel, and he shall tell you, the Messiah. Ask John the Baptist, he shall tell you, the Lamb of God. The God of the prophets hath told you, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Yea, the very devils themselves have been forced to confess, I know thee who thou art, the Holy One of God. On no side hath Christ left himself without a full and plain testimony.”


This was his second purgation of the temple. He had cleansed it once before in his earlier ministry. A las! when good things begin to be perverted they need many cleansings before they are set right again.


Let children learn from this that Jesus values their praises, and let them give him their hearts while they are yet young.

Ride on, ride on in majesty!

In lowly pomp ride on to die:

O Christ! thy triumphs now begin

O’er captive death and conquered sin.

Ride on, ride on in majesty!

Thy last and fiercest strife is nigh:

The Father, on his sapphire throne,

Expects his own anointed Son.

Ride on, ride on in majesty!

In lowly pomp ride on to die:

Bow thy meek head to mortal pain;

Then, take, O God, thy power, and reign!


We would see Jesus.”



These Greeks did well to desire to see the great teacher, and we shall do still better if in all our attendances upon religious worship our chief desire shall be to see Jesus. We should desire this that we may know him better, trust him more readily, and become more like him. We miss the end of public worship if we fail to see Jesus.


Our Lord showed that he could only reach his mediatorial glory through death, and he then went on to teach the Greeks, and us, that, in like manner, by self-denial only can any of us attain to glory.


This was the third time the heavenly voice had borne witness to him. First, when as our Priest he commenced his life-work at his baptism; a second time upon the mount of transfiguration, when his Father said “Hear ye him,” thus marking him out as the prophet long foretold; and now a third time when he had just entered Jerusalem as

King. Thus in each of his three offices the Father bare witness concerning him.


Thus by his death Satan is conquered and cast down from the seat of power, and souls are saved by myriads.


We would see Jesus, for we know

His sovereign grace alone

Can on us hearts of flesh bestow,

And for our sins atone.

We would see Jesus, does not he

Bid contrite sinners come?

And to such guilty souls as we

Proclaim “There yet is room!”

We would see Jesus, for his saints

May lean upon his breast;

Pour out with confidence their plaints,

And find celestial rest.

We would see Jesus, and would pray

For those unhappy friends,

Who still pursue that crooked way

Which in perdition ends.