Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: September 30

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Spurgeon Daily Devotional Bible: September 30

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Put ye on the Lord Jesus.”



It was their sovereign who invited them, and to refuse his invitation was an act of rebellion. Their presence was intended to render honour to the marriage of their prince, and their resolution to be absent was a studied insult both to the king and his son. God in infinite condescension has decreed to glorify his Son by bestowing his rich grace upon undeserving man, and when man wilfully rejects the favour, he is guilty of insulting the Lord of love. Will any of us live and die in this sin?


He was very patient, and condescended to reason with his erring subjects, hoping that perhaps their second thoughts might correct their hasty words. He even pleaded with them, though he might have sent forth his armies at once to destroy them. How true a representation is this of the great Father of mercy!


Only a few were persecutors, the many were despisers only, but they perished in the general doom, for they had despised their prince.

Mat_22:7; Mat_22:10

Those who hear the gospel regularly are often found rejecting it, yet the Lord’s purposes of grace will not fail, Jesus shall see of the travail of his soul, and heaven shall be tenanted by rejoicing millions. Out of the poorest and meanest of mankind sovereign grace will select its favoured ones, and make them partakers of its bounty.


His conduct was as gross an insult as that of those who refused to come. A dress was provided for each guest, but he would not put it on, he despised the royal livery, and defied the regal law in the palace itself. Thus do those act who unite themselves with the church, and yet are not holy, nor obedient to Jesus. They insult the Redeemer to his face and defy him in his own house. Are any of us guilty of this? Do we profess to be Christians, and go to the communion table, though we do not wear the garments of sanctification! If so, let us tremble at the doom which awaits us.


Even in the visible church all are not the

Lord’s elect. What need of careful self-examination! Lord, make us to be truly thine own.

Oh! why do mortals yet despise

This Bridegroom from above?

And for their farms and merchandise

Neglect the feast of love?

Send forth thy messengers, O Lord,

Through all the haunts of sin;

And, hailing sinners by thy word,

Compel them to come in.

For they, who once this supper taste,

Shall thirst for sin no more;

And they, who see The Bridegroom’s face,

Eternally adore.


What think ye of Christ?”



Men who wish to ensnare us begin with flattery. Let us beware of smooth speeches.


By using Cæsar’s coinage they confessed their subjection to his authority, and they were bound to act accordingly. Civil rulers are to be obeyed in civil things, but they must not touch religion, that is the sphere of God alone. Attention to this rule would be a great blessing both to Church and State.


A most conclusive reply, which shut the mouths of the Sadducees, and showed the Saviour’s infinite superiority to their fancied wisdom.


This was a puzzle for them, out of which they could not see their way, and thus Jesus left the field victorious over all his foes.

If ask’d what of Jesus I think,

Though still my best thoughts are but poor,

I say, he’s my meat and my drink,

My life, and my strength, and my store,

My Shepherd, my Husband, my Friend,

My Saviour from sin and from thrall,

My Hope from beginning to end,

My Portion, my Lord, and my All.