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Charles Simeon Commentary - 1 Peter 5:7 - 5:7

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1Pe_5:7. Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

INEXPERIENCED Christians are generally partial in their views of religion. They often exalt one duty, to the neglect, if not the exclusion of another: but a proficiency in the divine life will discover itself by the united exercise of the various, and apparently opposite, graces. Faith will not exclude fear, nor meekness fortitude. Every grace will be limited and tempered by some other. The soul must be humbled before God in dust and ashes: yet should it rely on him with most implicit confidence [Note: ver. 6, 7.].

I.       The duty of Christians—

Christians have learned “not to seek great things for themselves.” Hence they are free from the corroding cares of avarice and ambition—

But they still have many grounds of care—

[They cannot but feel some concern respecting their bodily wants: the casualties of life may also occasion some uneasiness; but they have other cares far more weighty and important: they see many dishonouring their holy profession: they feel within themselves also “an evil heart of unbelief; nor are they ignorant of Satan’s devices to overthrow them. Moreover they frequently anticipate future evils; and tremble, lest in the day of adversity they should faint. Thus do they torment themselves with anxious and desponding fears.]

It is their duty, however, to “cast their care on God”—

[To cast their care upon any creature would be fruitless, and it would involve them in the deepest guilt [Note: Jer_17:5.]. God alone is able to sustain their burthen: on him they are commanded to cast it [Note: Psa_55:22.]: they must do so in the exercise of faith and prayer [Note: Php_4:6-7.]; nor are any cares whatever to be excepted, “Cast all your care,” &c.: none are so small but they shall be regarded, none so great but they shall be alleviated.]

There is a backwardness in many, to comply with this duty.

II.      Their encouragement to perform it—

God extends his care to the whole creation; but in a more especial manner careth for his people—

[He conducted the Jews through the wilderness: he interposed for them in all their dangers: he supplied their every want [Note: Psa_105:39-41.]. Thus, though less visibly, he still regards those who trust in him. He watches over them for good [Note: 2Ch_16:9.]: he limits and restrains all their adversaries [Note: Psa_76:10.]: he sympathizes with them in all their afflictions [Note: Isa_63:9. Heb_4:15.]: he imparts to them all temporal and spiritual blessings [Note: Psa_84:11.]: he hears and answers all their supplications [Note: Joh_15:7.]: he accounts them his most inestimable treasure [Note: Mal_3:17.]: he communes with them as his sons and daughters [Note: 2Co_6:18.]: he takes upon him the management of all their concerns [Note: Isa_46:4.].]

What encouragement does this afford us to trust in him!

Our Guardian and Protector is infinitely wise [Note: Isa_28:29.]—

[He knows what trials we stand in need of: he can suit all the circumstances of them to our necessities: he can overrule them for our eternal benefit.]

He is possessed of almighty power [Note: Job_40:2.]—

[There is no difficulty from which he cannot extricate [Note: Isa_50:2; Isa_43:13.], nor duty which he cannot enable us to discharge. Should we, for whom such wisdom and power are exercised, be anxious [Note: Isa_40:27-28.]?]

Moreover he is good and gracious—

[What innumerable blessings has he already bestowed upon us! He has even given his own Son to die for us. What then can we have to fear, if we trust in him [Note: Rom_8:32.]?]

Above all, he is a faithful God—

[He has promised seasonable protection and strength [Note: Isa_54:10. Deu_33:25. 1Co_10:13.]. And is not his word a sure ground of confidence [Note: 2Sa_22:31. Heb_10:23.]? Surely then we should be filled with consolation rather than with care [Note: Heb_6:18.].]


1.       How needful is it that all should acquaint themselves with God!

[Gaiety and dissipation may bear up the spirit in prosperity; but God alone can comfort us in adversity [Note: Job_35:10.]. At the hour of death we shall all need Divine support. Let the careless then begin to reflect upon their state: let them provide a refuge against the day of trouble: let them follow that salutary advice [Note: Job_22:21.]—.]

2.       How happy would Christians he if they rightly enjoyed their privileges!

[It is their privilege to be “without carefulness [Note: 1Co_7:32.].” If they trusted in God as they ought, nothing could disturb them [Note: Isa_26:3.]. Hence that exhortation to joy in God— [Note: Psa_5:11-12.]. Let the afflicted saints then commit themselves to him [Note: Mic_5:4.]: let them know that duty is theirs, but events are his: let them, in the face of all difficulties, adopt the words of Joshua [Note: Num_14:9.]—: let them, with Hezekiah, repose themselves on God [Note: 2Ch_32:7-8.].]