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Charles Simeon Commentary - Deuteronomy 32:31 - 32:31

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Deu_32:31. Their rock is not as our Rock, even our enemies themselves being judges.

IT is not a little to the honour of those who serve God, that the more fully their principles are investigated, the more just will they appear, and worthy to be adopted by all the world. Those embraced by ungodly men are often such as scarcely to be vindicated by their most partial friends: but those, which the children of God profess, will stand the test of examination from their bitterest enemies. To this effect Moses speaks in the words before us; from which we shall,

I.       Point out the superiority of Jehovah above all other objects of confidence—

Neither the idols of heathens, nor any other objects of confidence, can in any point of view be put in competition with Jehovah. Consider

His power—

[There is not any thing which he is not able to effect: “He doeth according to his will in the armies of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth.” But what created being can claim this prerogative?]

His love—

[Incomprehensible are the heights and depths of the Father’s love, discovered in sending his own Son to die for us: nor less the love of Christ in giving himself a sacrifice for our sins. Is there any other Being that ever has expressed, or ever can, such love as this?]

His faithfulness—

[God has given to us exceeding great and precious promises, suited to every want we can possibly experience. And has one jot or tittle of his word ever failed? But where shall we find a creature that has not, in some respect or other, disappointed the expectations of those who trusted in him?]

So indisputable is the point before us, that we may even,

II.      Appeal to the very enemies of Jehovah in confirmation of our assertions—

We might with propriety appeal to his friends, since they, by their knowledge of him, and their experience of the vanity of earthly confidences, are best qualified to judge. But, waving this just advantage, we will appeal,

1.       To his enemies of former times—

[In the contest with the worshippers of Baal, this matter was brought to a trial: and what was the result? the very idolaters themselves exclaimed, “The Lord, He is God! The Lord, He is God [Note: 1Ki_18:39.]!” Nebuchadnezzar was in like manner forced to acknowledge the vanity of the idol he had set up, and to confess that no other god could effect such a deliverance for his votaries, as Jehovah had wrought for the Hebrew Youths [Note: Dan_3:29.].]

2.       To his enemies at this day—

[There are many who are ready to think that too much honour is ascribed to God, when the weakness of all created confidences is exposed. But we will appeal to their judgment, whether they do not think that an omniscient, and omnipotent Being, whose providence and grace have been so marvellously displayed, be not more worthy of our trust than an arm of flesh? We appeal also to their experience; for though, through their ignorance of Jehovah, they cannot declare what he is, they do know, and must confess, that the creature, when confided in as a source of true happiness, invariably shews itself to be “vanity and vexation of spirit.”]


1.       Let those who have undervalued our Rock, repent of their folly—

[Not idolaters alone, but all, who do not supremely love and adore the Saviour, must be considered as undervaluing this our Rock: and, if they do not repent of their conduct now, they will bewail it ere long with endless and unavailing sorrow. Let them then consider, that, with respect to temporal things, there is none other that can deliver them from trouble, or support them under it: and that, with respect to spiritual things, there is no wisdom, strength, or righteousness, but in Him alone. Let them consider, that “in him all fulness dwells;” and that, if they trust in him, he will give them all that is needful for body and soul, for time and eternity. O that they were wise and would turn unto him, and cleave to him with full purpose of heart!]

2.       Let those, who trust in Jesus, glory in him as an all-sufficient portion—

[They who build on this Rock need never fear: however high their expectations are raised, they shall never be disappointed of their hope. They may enlarge their desires, even as hell itself that is never satisfied; they may ask all that God himself can bestow; and, provided it be good for them, they shall possess it all: however “wide they open their mouth, God will fill it.” In vain shall either men or devils seek to injure them; for “one of them should chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight [Note: ver. 30.].” Let them then consider what an almighty Friend they have; and endeavour to walk worthy of Him who has called them to his kingdom and glory.”]